Temperature Monitoring

August 2020 - Vol.17 No. 8 - Page #68

Automating temperature monitoring is a cost effective means to ensure product safety and reduce the risk of medication loss, while also simplifying accreditation compliance. Pharmacy gives strong satisfaction ratings to the wide variety of solutions available, reinforcing the concept that there is a product available to meet the specific needs of your facility.

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The wireless approach to temperature monitoring continues to grow in popularity as 7 out of 10 pharmacies now take this approach, up from 25% 10 years ago.

The number of facilities without an automated solution for temperature monitoring continues to decline precipitously; projections indicate that the adoption rate for automated monitoring will reach 100% over the next few years.


The breadth of temperature monitoring system options is impressive, delivering an array of choices that allow facilities to address their specific needs. Leading this busy marketplace are Cooper-Atkins and SensoScientific.

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