Usage Trends for Engineering Controls—LAFWs

September 2020 - Vol.17 No. 9 - Page #16
Category: LAFWs (Laminar Air Flow Workbenches)

The high satisfaction marks assigned to LAFWs are reflected in their broad usage throughout compounding operations of various sizes. LAFWs receive a stunning 98% satisfaction rating across all vendors, with 87% of users assigning top marks to their equipment. Purchasing will continue to be active in this area as just over one-third of all facilities plan to adopt additional LAFWs in the near term.

LAFWs are widely utilized by facilities of all sizes, and are nearly ubiquitous in the largest facilities.

It is rare for a hospital pharmacy to not utilize LAFWs; 85% of all facilities have implemented this reliable technology.


Reflecting the reliability of this technology, most facilities (76%) have implemented multiple workbenches.

The leading vendors in this marketplace are The Baker Company, Nuaire, and Germfree. A wide variety of other vendors are also active in this area.


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