Generic Drug Purchasing Considerations

September 2020 : Generic Drugs - Vol.17 No. 9 - Page #4
Category: Generics Manufacturers

Sourcing generics in bar coded unit dose has become even more difficult; just 21% of hospital pharmacies are able to purchase more than 90% of their generics in this format. As such, it is key that pharmacy leadership continues to invest in efficient packaging operations, from high-speed repackagers and tabletop units to systems supporting manual repackaging. In response to these challenges, pharmacy leadership is increasingly likely to pay more for a reliable source of generic drugs.


Reflecting the frustration driven by the often hidden costs of addressing drug shortages, product changes, and lack of bar coded unit dose availability, hospital pharmacy leaders are increasingly willing to pay a higher price for a generic in order to ensure a consistently reliable supply.

Off-contract purchasing of generics remains rather rare; most facilities purchase no more than 10% of their generics off-contract.

The lack of product availability or products no longer available in unit dose drives the vast majority of off-contract purchasing.

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