Generic Drug Shortages

September 2020 : Generic Drugs - Vol.17 No. 9 - Page #6
Category: Generics Manufacturers

Drug shortages show few signs of abating, and in response, a majority of facilities now have a dedicated staff member assigned to shortage management. Quite often this role is filled by a pharmacy buyer, although many facilities rely on pharmacists or pharmacy technicians to fill this position. As a result of shortages, increases in both drug expenditures and pharmacy workload have impacted almost every hospital pharmacy in the nation. In addition, many facilities are increasing their inventory and expanding in-house compounding to address the ongoing drug shortages.

Drug shortages continue to be ubiquitous, and require a significant investment in staff time to address the myriad issues they cause. This year, 96% of hospital pharmacies were forced to use an alternative product due to a product shortage.

Over the course of the past year, most facilities faced anywhere from 6-25 drugs in shortage situations that required the use of an alternative product.

Generic drugs typically account for a significant percentage of overall drug shortages. Most facilities ascribe 11-75% of their shortages to generic products.


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