September 2020 : Generic Drugs - Vol.17 No. 9 - Page #8
Category: Generics Manufacturers

When biosimilars were first introduced 3 years ago, many facilities were unsure as to whether they would implement these new products. That lack of confidence has completely dissipated. Not only have the vast majority of hospital pharmacies embraced the currently available biosimilar products, most pharmacy leaders are planning to add additional biosimilars to their formulary as they become available. The driving force behind this rapid adoption is the cost savings garnered; in an environment where every budget line is closely monitored, biosimilars are a welcome addition to the formulary.

Biosimilar adoptions are widespread; facilities of all sizes have seized the opportunity to achieve some cost savings through biosimilar purchasing.

Pharmacy has a strong interest in adding more biosimilars to the formulary as they become available. Just 3 years ago, only 45% of facilities were considering biosimilar adoptions—the commitment to these products has grown exponentially in a very short time.

The leading factor driving most biosimilar formulary adoptions is price. In addition, most pharmacy directors also consider evidence-based clinical data, reimbursement, interchangeability, immunogenicity, and reliability of supply when choosing a biosimilar for formulary addition.

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