Outpatient Automation Systems Buyer’s Guide

October 2020 - Vol.17 No. 10 - Page #22

Storage and Retrieval System from ScriptPro

The Storage and Retrieval System (SRS) manufactured by ScriptPro offers a solution for automating and organizing pharmacy’s will call process. A single SRS automatically stores prescription will call bags within its secure cabinet while occupying a modest footprint. By using barcode controls, SRS efficiently retrieves the correct prescription(s), ensuring patient safety. The enclosed cabinet eliminates open access to prescriptions in storage and tracks user access, extending the chain of control over medications until they are dispensed to the patient. This increased controlled access to batches containing CIIs-CVs as well as unscheduled drugs furthers drug accountability and security. Offering simplicity and efficiency, a single unit optimizes storage capacity and labor productivity. With easy installation and comprehensive training, ScriptPro’s SRS minimizes the need for staff interaction, helping to save staff time.

  • From ScriptPro

EnterpriseRx from McKesson

EnterpriseRx from McKesson is a centrally hosted pharmacy management system designed to improve efficiency and profitability while supporting clinical services that empower more active involvement in patient care. With a clinically driven workflow, EnterpriseRx helps leverage patient visits into meaningful counseling sessions to evaluate risk and provide additional services such as medication synchronization and medication therapy management counseling to improve patient outcomes.

EnterpriseRx provides various ways to optimize an outpatient pharmacy, allowing users to integrate custom and vendor-based clinical programs; monitor and address patient adherence before it impacts payer performance measures; safeguard patient data; automate prescription fulfillment without additional cost; streamline workflow while increasing inventory performance and reducing waste; and deliver prescriptions through the mail, using remote payment with the latest security protocols.

  • From McKesson

ATP 2 Pouch Packager from Parata Systems


Parata’s ATP 2 Pouch Packager is an oral solid automated tablet packager for both unit dose and multi-medication packaging that aims to simplify medication administration and improve adherence. Making tablet packaging efficient for closed-door facilities, ATP 2 is scalable, allowing users to easily add rows of canister drawers for various pouch packaging programs. Users can also expand their formulary with optional smart canisters that automatically detect the need for canister replacement and then update the database. Additionally, the variable unit dose and multi-med pouch sizes deliver improved medication adherence while reducing waste. The ATP 2’s dual tray system allows for the continuous running of the packager without interruption, while the swappable lower packaging unit resolves hardware issues in a matter of minutes, resulting in time savings when managing drug changes and recalibrating canisters.

  • From Parata Systems

PharmacyPro from ScriptPro

ScriptPro’s PharmacyPro Mobile Point of Sale Module supports meds-to-beds programs through efficient and easy to use mobile dispensing and processing of prescription payments in real time at the patient’s bedside or doorstep. PharmacyPro interfaces with the hospital’s EHR to receive real-time patient, prescriber, and discharge prescription information. The PharmacyPro mobile app can be downloaded to a pharmacy provided iPhone or iPad, allowing for the remote capture and tracking of signatures, HIPAA forms, and comments from each delivery. Fully secure and PCI compliant, PharmacyPro protects patient information as no data is stored in the app or on the device. By supporting timely compliance, lowered readmissions, and increased revenue capture, ScriptPro’s integrated meds-to-beds solution helps optimize a comprehensive health system pharmacy strategy.

  • From ScriptPro

340B Architect from Macro Helix

The 340B Architect platform from Macro Helix is an inventory tracking and replenishment software that aims to improve financial performance, maximize operational efficiency, and maintain regulatory compliance. The platform helps capture the full benefits earned by a covered entity while maintaining and demonstrating sustained compliance. Each module within 340B Architect has specific controls, filters, and reports to help verify that all criteria are met, including outpatient status, service area, and orphan drug vs non-orphan drug indications. Using a software-as-a-service model, 340B Architect integrates with distributor ordering systems to enhance the flow of information, supporting appropriate and auditable 340B replenishment activity.

To effectively manage the fiscal relationships between covered entities and retail contract pharmacies, Macro Helix continuously monitors all claims activities to identify key trigger actions impacting revenue and inventory true-up processes. These triggers are then incorporated to ensure accurate claims processing, ongoing accounting for 340B purposes, and revenue collection and reconciliation activities between the parties. Macro Helix also offers solutions to process Medicaid and Medicare claims accurately to maximize 340B reimbursements, and ensures ongoing program compliance with comprehensive reporting and audit monitoring.

  • From Macro Helix

Max 2 from Parata Systems

Parata’s Max 2 is a vial dispensing technology offering speed, accuracy, and safety. Max 2’s counting technology and air-jet cells ensure an accurate count with new benchmarks for speed. With Max 2’s ability to support up to 200 NDCs safely with bottle and cell bar code scanning, up to 80% of oral solids can be automated, ensuring dispensing of the correct drug.

The scanners and software interface with the mechanics to precisely calibrate cells for new NDCs. The tools allow for quick switching of drugs in cells, resulting in time and cost savings. Finally, the LED lights use colors to indicate when it is time for replenishment or pick-up. The technology aims to free up time and resources for patient care and other pharmacy operations.

  • From Parata Systems

KL-SR Secure Robot from Capsa Healthcare

Capsa Healthcare announces its Kirby Lester KL-SR Secure Robot with newly designed “true universal cassettes” that minimize the chance for human error when changing a medication. The KL-SR robot uses digital image processing technology to auto-calibrate cassettes on the device without manual adjustments, the need for recalibration, or the need for new cassettes. All cassettes can be calibrated to accommodate a new NDC onsite at any time. The medication database contains precise measurements for common NDCs, and any cassette will auto-adjust and lock in while docked in the KL-SR Cassette Station. Moreover, cassettes have a dual-lock security feature to prevent unauthorized access. The KL-SR automates 108 high-moving tablets or capsules (50% or more of daily prescriptions) via locked cassettes.

  • From Capsa Healthcare


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