Trends in Medical-Grade Refrigeration Adoption

December 2020 - Vol.17 No. 12 - Page #16
Category: Refrigerators & Freezers

Hospital pharmacies of all sizes recognize the value of medical-grade refrigeration: the units are long-lasting and easy to maintain, and in addition, they deliver balanced temperature control, support automated temperature monitoring, and increase storage efficiency. Medical-grade refrigerators are commonly used in the pharmacy, in the compounding suite, and throughout the nursing units. Purchasing is expected to be brisk in the coming months to meet vaccine storage needs and to upgrade aging equipment both in the pharmacy and on the units.


It is now rare for pharmacies to utilize non-medical grade refrigerators for pharmaceutical storage.

Implementation of medical-grade refrigeration is nearly ubiquitous in facilities with more than 100 beds. Even the smallest facilities have made a strong commitment to reliable medication storage.

Helmer, Follett, and Thermo Fisher Scientific are the leading vendors in this busy marketplace that offers pharmacy a vast array of choices.

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