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February 2021 - Vol.18 No. 2 - Page #1

Key to the ongoing success of hospital pharmacy initiatives is the nurturing and support of up-and-coming leaders. Every pharmacy director was at one time fresh out of pharmacy school and while certain leadership qualities may be ingrained, much of what is required of a director is learned through experience.

Exposure to higher-level decision-making processes will certainly benefit future leaders. Having managers be directly involved in enterprise-wide solutions helps build confidence as well as bridges between medical disciplines. It can be easy to get caught up in the minutiae of “operations,” as these are the lifeblood of the pharmacy, but consider opening up the view from the top. Gaining insight into how the pharmacy fits into the institutional structure will be invaluable for the development of your staff in the long run.

Be sure to champion pharmacy leaders for placements on committees that influence practice areas outside the pharmacy. Many hospitals and health systems are in the midst of new information system installations, and pharmacy’s voice is important in those discussions. Steering committees are excellent opportunities for young leaders to learn more about other disciplines that effect pharmacy, as well as affect positive change for those disciplines in turn.

Most, if not all hospital pharmacists have performed residencies and the mentor/mentee relationship that is so beneficial to their success can be extrapolated throughout a career. Encourage young leaders to establish connections both within the hospital and at other facilities. Networking should be encouraged, as experienced directors also learn from each other. There is no reason not to start this process as early in one’s career as possible.

If you have a successful or unique story about nurturing future leaders in your pharmacy, we would love to hear from you. Please visit to make sure your free subscription to PP&P is up to date and to sign up your future pharmacy leaders as well.

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R. Mitchell Halvorsen

State of Pharmacy Compounding Survey Winner

Steve Breckenridge
Pharmacy Director
Central Valley Medical Center in Nephi, Utah

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the most recent winner of an $800 Amazon gift card as part of our survey sweepstakes: Steve Breckenridge!

Steve’s entry was randomly selected from among the valid entries to our annual State of Pharmacy Compounding survey. Thank you, Steve, and all the other pharmacy directors who provided their valuable insight.


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