HD Facilities

February 2021 - Vol.18 No. 2 - Page #21
Category: Cleanrooms/Modular Cleanrooms

With the flurry of cleanroom construction over the past few years, compliance to USP facility requirements is on the rise. External venting of sterile compounding CPECs and the installation of pressure indicators has surpassed the 90% mark. Additional progress has occurred in HD storage segregation and the installation of dedicated refrigerators.

While this goal challenged facilities in the past, the vast majority have now externally vented their CPECs for HD sterile compounding.

The use of a pressure indicator to continually monitor the HD cleanroom is now in place at 91% of facilities.

More than 9 out of ten facilities vent their nonsterile CPECs externally or internally using redundant HEPA filters. Nevertheless, it is concerning that 9% continue to internally vent their CPECS for nonsterile HD compounding without any additional HEPA protection.


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