Pharmacy and Cleanroom Design/Renovation Buyer’s Guide

March 2021 - Vol.18 No. 3 - Page #20
Category: Cleanroom Design & Consulting

LabGard NU-543 Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet from NuAire

NuAire’s LabGard ES (Energy Saver) AIR NU-543 Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) is a benchtop unit, available with telescoping or motorized auto-rising base stand options. Functioning as a containment primary engineering control (C-PEC), it utilizes the FlowGard control system with a single airflow sensor. This model is configured for hazardous drug compounding workflow, is NSF/ANSI 49 certified, provides ISO Class 5 air protection, and complies with USP <800> standards.

The NU-543 comes standard with a prop-up work tray for ease of cleaning and up to 12” (305 mm) window access height. Available options include an IV bar with 3 adjustable heights, a back-wall cutout or Ergotron mount for a monitor and/or keyboard and mouse, smooth interior for easy cleaning, and a motorized auto-rising base stand. All NuAire biosafety cabinets are fully customizable.

  • From NuAire, Inc


INCLUSIV Modular Cleanroom Systems from Grifols USA

With its INCLUSIV line, Grifols offers comprehensive modular cleanroom systems, technology, and software. Recognizing that compounding regulations continuously evolve, Grifols aims to help pharmacy stay current with best practices and variables in responsibilities. Users can leverage expertise with Grifols INCLUSIV as a full-service partner to provide a turnkey solution for cleanroom needs. Bringing a comprehensive approach to facility design, engineering controls, environmental monitoring, and equipment installation, the Grifols team can provide a single source for all of pharmacy’s cleanroom design, engineering, and build needs.

INCLUSIV modular cleanrooms are designed for safety and compliance in their construction and environmental control, within even the most stringent sterile compounding settings. Some tools offered include project management from initial expert engineering design to certification and training; a fully customizable system of hardware components, including temporary cleanroom options; compliance with USP <795>, <797>, and <800> guidelines and relevant federal, state, and local regulations; environmental controls and monitoring systems; and air purification devices and software.

  • From Grifols USA


Pharmacy Design with Modular Casework from R.C. Smith/MMI

R.C. Smith/MMI’s pharmacy space planning, modular pharmacy casework, and professional installation are designed to support an efficient, regulatory compliant, and functional pharmacy. With more than 7500 pharmacy designs completed and installed, R.C. Smith offers extensive expertise in the areas of pharmacy space planning and casework solutions.

Design experts create a highly efficient and productive work environment that meets the pharmacy’s specific requirements. Drawing upon thousands of completed projects allows the designers to offer the best solution possible, utilizing modular pharmacy casework that combines product adaptability with the efficient use of space, healthy ergonomics, and pleasing aesthetics.

  • From R.C. Smith/MMI Systems

Cleanroom Design from H L Coshatt Company

Because renovating the cleanroom and/or automation equipment can disrupt the workflows of other pharmacy functions, Coshatt offers help with efficient design initiatives, plans for reconfigurable fixtures, and the expertise of experienced installers. Facilities can benefit from savings with Coshatt’s repurposing and reconfiguring options for existing fixtures within the cleanroom. The company has specialized in providing turnkey services to all types of pharmacies for 49 years.

  • From H L Coshatt Company, Inc

Cleanroom Consulting from Kastango Consulting Group, LLC

Kastango Consulting Group offers pharmacy information services and product solutions for health-system pharmacies, including facility design, gap analysis, environmental monitoring, facility environmental controls, strategic development/planning, and more. Bringing expertise and real-world experience, consultants are knowledgeable of the challenges and pressures of pharmacy’s daily work.

  • From Kastango Consulting Group, LLC

Pharmacy Design Planning from Hamilton Casework Solutions

The line of casework from Hamilton Casework Solutions is designed specifically for the pharmacy environment. Offering flexibility, Hamilton’s casework may be modified, moved, and repurposed to accommodate growth, new processes, or changes in technology throughout the life of the pharmacy. Each project employs durable, quality materials designed to withstand the day-to-day activities of the pharmacy environment.

Close consulting with pharmacy directors and design professionals provides specific knowledge of pharmacy operations, automation, and regulatory requirements in developing a functional pharmacy space. Users will have access to many options and components, including standard products and custom pieces that can be built to the facility’s specifications. Each piece is backed by a lifetime guarantee and Hamilton Casework Solutions’ 50+ year history.

  • From Hamilton Casework Solutions


AireGard NU-240 Horizontal Laminar Airflow Workstation from NuAire

NuAire’s AireGard NU-240 Horizontal Laminar Airflow Workstation (H-LAFW) is a benchtop unit, fully customizable and available with telescoping or motorized auto-rising base stand options. Functioning as a primary engineering control (PEC), it provides product protection by flushing ISO class 5 air over the work zone in a unidirectional horizontal pattern. This model complies with USP <797> standards for sterile non-hazardous drug compounding and comes with options including: IV bar with 3 adjustable heights, cord pass-through ports (standard), mounted duplex outlets, telescoping base stand with mounted storage shelf, and Ergotron arm for PC monitor and/or keyboard and mouse.

  • From NuAire, Inc


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