Designing Safe IV Handling Practices

March 2021 : IV Safety - Vol.18 No. 3 - Page #1

As we continue to await the official implementation of USP General Chapter <800> as well as the revisions to Chapter <797>, it is vital that safe medication handling initiatives remain top of mind. Intravenous medication therapy is a critical aspect of hospital pharmacy practice and its risks are well known. Given the ever-increasing complexity of a wide range of IV-administered compounds, the term IV safety can take on multiple meanings.

Primary consideration must be given to the safety and sterility of the IV product itself, but careful and safe handling of IV medications—particularly antineoplastic and other hazardous agents—is equally key. Furthermore, this mandate should extend well beyond the walls of the pharmacy or cleanroom; it requires embracing a cradle-to-grave life cycle that incorporates all relevant and affected practice areas.

Hence, we further our ongoing commitment to covering important topics throughout the IV safe-handling gamut. In this month’s supplement, we provide a review of pharmacy’s growing commitment to IV workflow management software. In addition, we look at current trends in purchasing and assembling ready-to-use IV products.

Ensuring IV safety for both patients and practitioners is as essential a role as the pharmacy director has. For those on the road to compliance with internal and external regulations, we hope you will continue to turn to PP&P for the answers and guidance you need. As these are topics regularly covered in PP&P, we encourage you to visit to claim or renew your free account access, and take a little time to review our recent coverage of IV safety and other important issues. It will be time well spent.

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R. Mitchell Halvorsen


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