IV Workflow Management

March 2021 : IV Safety - Vol.18 No. 3 - Page #2

The value that IV workflow automation brings to the compounding process in terms of safety and efficiency cannot be overstated. Pharmacy leadership clearly recognizes this fact and has committed to adopting this technology even as they have been forced to pivot and focus on responding to the challenges of COVID-19.

It is notable that larger facilities are leading the effort to adopt this automation while some smaller facilities cite their low compounding volume as a reason for maintaining a manual approach to IV workflow. Yet we know that serious compounding errors can and do occur regardless of the throughput in a given cleanroom. As such, this automation should receive serious consideration by every pharmacy director.

The intrinsic safety that results from the addition of bar code scanning, gravimetrics, video recording, and remote approvals to the compounding process is reflected in the growing popularity of IV workflow automation systems. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, this year saw another increase in the number of facilities adopting IV workflow automation.

While Baxter and Grifols continue to lead this market, both BD and Omnicell enjoyed increased adoptions this year. The Other category includes some facilities that leverage the functionality of their EHR to provide IV workflow support.

With a 91% satisfaction rating, pharmacy directors appreciate the benefits these systems deliver.

Just over 3 out of every 10 facilities operating without the safety net of IV workflow management system, plan to adopt this technology in their cleanrooms.

Both budgetary and time restrictions have kept many facilities from adopting this technology. In addition, many small facilities believe their current, manual approaches to IV compounding are sufficient.


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