HD Compounding Equipment

April 2021 - Vol.18 No. 4 - Page #10

Hazardous drug (HD) compounding requires dedicated equipment to prevent cross-contamination and to ensure staff safety. This applies to both sterile and non-sterile compounding activities. Given the importance of containment during HD compounding, there is a strong case for introducing automation into the negative pressure cleanroom. With more vendors providing HD specific equipment, it is incumbent upon pharmacy directors to remain abreast of new options and ensure they are providing the highest levels of protection possible for their staff.

Dedicated equipment for non-sterile HD compounding is key to avoiding contamination in the pharmacy. Those facilities that have yet to commit to the use of dedicated equipment are typically smaller facilities that have made little progress in achieving compliance with USP <800>.

While Baxter’s repeater pump is widely used in sterile HD compounding, other technologies, such as HD robots, Cargin’s syringe and bag fillers, and ICU’s Diana, are garnering interest as facilities look to increase their utilization of automation.


Omnicell leads the HD IV robot marketplace, followed by Grifols, Apoteca, and Equashield.


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