Refrigerators and Freezers Buyer’s Guide

April 2021 - Vol.18 No. 4 - Page #18

GX Solutions with OptiCool Technology from Helmer

Ensuring that cold storage equipment meets performance requirements is critical to ensure efficacy, safety, and compliance. In addition, energy efficiency and sustainability should also be considered. Helmer Scientifics’s GX Solutions are professional, medical-grade refrigerators and freezers designed to provide optimal temperature uniformity, meaning that all points in the cabinet maintain consistent temperatures. The system is also designed to offer recovery, as the cabinet quickly returns to set point after door openings; and stability, ensuring that temperatures remain consistent over time.

GX Solutions help reduce a health care facility’s footprint and support sustainability. Powered by OptiCool Technology, the system pairs variable capacity compressors with natural hydrocarbon refrigerants to enable reduction in noise, energy efficiency, and to support global environment sustainability initiatives by eliminating the use of refrigerants with high global warming potential.


Blizzard Ultralow Freezer from NuAire

The Blizzard NU-99729VFT (variable flow with touchscreen) -86°C Ultralow Freezer offers a 729 liter (25.75 square-foot) capacity. Featuring an intuitive touchscreen control center, it catalogues inventory, allows user account creation, graphs past freezer performance, and produces visual and audible alarms. The electrical configuration can operate on a range of 100-230 VAC/50-60 Hz at 15 and 20 amps. Energy Star certified, it runs quietly on high performance or energy saving mode, and can store up to 252 COVID-19 vaccine boxes or 49,140 vials. A 5-year parts and labor warranty is included in the United States and Canada.

AutoCool+H and AutoFreeze+H from Swisslog

AutoCool+H and AutoFreeze+H from Swisslog Healthcare deliver temperature controlled medication inventory management and access controlled, refrigerated/frozen storage and technology enabled dispensing for valuable medications. To allow consolidation of refrigerated and frozen medications as part of a comprehensive, integrated inventory system, the systems utilize the AutoPharm Enterprise software platform, which enables inventory management from arrival at the pharmacy to delivery to the patient care area. It is designed to provide centralized control and perpetual inventory management based on par levels and support integrated wholesale ordering.

AutoCool+H and AutoFreeze+H support bar code confirmation of all dispensing and storage activities for refrigerated and frozen medications, and personnel actions are managed through password secured doors. These features are designed to reduce the risk of dispensing errors. An air-cooled, forced-air refrigeration system maintains a uniform temperature and quick recovery for refrigerated and frozen medications.

Key features and functionality include: password-protected access; bar code confirmation of all stocking, picking and dispensing; and digital temperature display and readouts that direct staff through stocking and picking activities. Multiple units can be daisy-chained to automate all or a portion of refrigerated and frozen items, and the system’s software platform synchronizes fulfillment activities.

High-Performance Pharmacy Refrigerators from Follett

High-Performance pharmacy refrigerators and freezers from Follett are engineered to provide safeguards for storing medication and vaccines. Featuring advanced air flow design, the plenum air distribution system delivers cold air at six different levels for precise temperature control and top-to-bottom temperature uniformity, allowing full utilization of the storage space. Quick recovery after door openings eliminates the risk of temperature fluctuations, protecting product integrity. An intuitive, icon-driven user interface features enhanced data management from data collection to alarms and an optional electronic locking system. Full stainless steel construction provides for durability and easy cleaning. The top-mounted modular refrigeration system increases useable storage space and simplifies maintenance by allowing critical components to be serviced without disrupting the contents and internal temperature of the refrigerator.

Norlake Scientific’s Mini Rooms with Capsule Pak Refrigeration

Mini Rooms from Norlake Scientific are available in standard sizes and in two temperature options. Standard Capsule Pak self-contained refrigeration systems aim to make installation simple. Mini Rooms offer reliable cold storage environments in sizes ranging from 4’ x 6’ to 8’ x 14’ and in heights of 6’7” and 7’7” with-floor and 7’4” less-floor. Available in temperatures of +4°C cooler and -20°C freezer, they also have a 15-year panel warranty.

Mini Room coolers and freezers are matched with a Norlake Capsule Pak refrigeration system. Each Capsule Pak consists of a condensing unit and evaporator coil contained in a single housing unit for simple and rapid installation. All models are factory assembled, wired, charged, tested, and fully equipped for insertion into a factory prepared ceiling opening. Other features include: a flush-mounted evaporator coil that makes full use of interior space, scroll compressors on most models for added efficiency and reliability, and a standard electronic controller designed to provide temperature protection while boosting energy efficiency.

TSU-4RW-N6 from PHC

With a compact footprint, the TSU-4RW-N6 from PHC is designed to be incorporated into ADA compliant workspaces and fits under most tables, cabinets, and lab benches. As an Energy Star certified refrigerator, it provides a precision-controlled temperature environment for the storage of vaccines, samples, test kits, and more. Able to meet current and emerging strict storage guidelines from the CDC, NSF, and ANSI, this undercounter model keeps stored product within the CDC recommended 2° to 8°C and a uniformity of + 3°C.

As a high-performance undercounter refrigerator, it is built with a clinical grade refrigeration system and has a glass door that provides visibility into the interior to reduce unnecessary door openings. Units can be stacked with an adapter to maximize floor space, and it includes an automatic defrost function. In lieu of traditional HFC refrigerants, it utilizes environmentally friendly HC refrigerants in order to meet Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) guidelines.

KoolTemp EcoFlex 96 from Cold Chain Technologies

The KoolTemp EcoFlex 96 from Cold Chain Technologies provides validated, reusable solutions that protect temperature-sensitive shipments. With upgraded components, the system uses a combination of shape-stable, full-coverage PCM gel, state-of-the-art materials, and unique shipper construction. It is designed for efficient and compliant refurbishment in a return/re-use environment as part of the validated KoolTemp ReNew service program. The Cold Chain Technologies shape-stable PCM gel is reusable via the company’s service program and also recycled in the creation of new PCM.

Due to thermal properties, vacuum-insulated panels allow for a smaller solution overall, which is environmentally efficient. Further, should the need arise for traditional disposal, the minimal amount of non-recyclable or non-reusable components requires significantly less landfill space than molded, single-use, insulated coolers. The system’s key features include a simplified universal pack-out process, a payload height of 50” (127 cm), real-time visibility to system’s location and temperature, up to 144+ hour duration in 2.0 to 8.0°C, 15 to 25.0°C, and < -20.0 °C. As a worldwide solution, it accepts US or European palletized payload, and it achieves a lower CO2 footprint by reducing empty repositioning transport with flexible unit configuration.

Pharma-Vac Performance Series from Accucold

Designed and purpose-built for pharmacy, medication, and vaccination applications to support meeting CDC/VFC vaccine storage guidelines, the Pharma-Vac Performance Series from Accucold is optimized for efficient performance, providing stable temperatures while using eco-friendly natural refrigerants for a greener footprint. Its features include sliver ion-coated handles for added protection against germs and microbes.

The series offers advanced temperature control, with the intelligent microprocessor using a buffered probe to simulate product temperature, and an air probe to control the temperature. The digital display provides feedback of the minimum and maximum temperatures over the course of operation, and optimized forced air cooling protects temperature uniformity with rapid recovery after door openings and product loading. Multiple alarms—including audible and visual alarms for high or low temperature excursion, selectable door ajar alarms, power failure alarms, sensor failure alarms and remote alarm contacts—provide for safe storage. Offering energy efficient LED lighting with an internal on/off switch, a 1/2” probe port is included to accept user-provided monitoring equipment. The self-closing door offers added vaccine and medication storage protection. The system is environmentally friendly, with a natural hydrocarbon refrigerant for reduced global warming potential. Additional options include NIST calibrated digital data logger (DDL), keyless access lock, and full-extension ventilated drawers. The series comes with extended warranties.

Liebherr Ultra-Low Freezers from Liebherr

Liebherr offers ultra-low temperature freezers to meet safety requirements, with an eye toward efficiency and ease of use in the -40°C to -86°C temperature range. The freezers are designed to ensure minimal temperature fluctuations and maximum performance. For added safety, they include extensive monitoring and alarm systems designed to alert users of any internal temperature deviations. Liebherr aims to deliver the precise and reliable temperature control facilities need from their appliances.

Medical Grade Refrigerators, Freezers and ULTs from American Biotech Supply

American Biotech Supply, a Horizon Scientific company, provides a range of temperature controlled equipment designed for use across health systems. The product line comprises small-capacity countertop refrigerators and freezers, including special purpose, application-specific models, as well as cryogenic freezers for long-term sample preservation.

Striving to meet facility requirements, all products are designed in a variety of configurations, from general purpose cold storage to medical and pharmaceutical storage with stringent temperature performance requirements. With over 25 years of experience, American Biotech Supply offers a comprehensive array of products and services to meet facilities’ temperature-controlled storage needs; a warranty is included, and most models are available from in-stock inventory and ready to ship.

Blizzard Ultralow Under-Counter Freezer from NuAire

NuAire’s Blizzard NU-99100 -86°C Ultralow Freezer provides a 100 liter (3.5 square-foot) capacity for reliable storage of vaccine vials, samples, and more, while occupying a small space. Able to maintain temperature uniformity of ±5°C at -80°C, the unit features a simplified LED display screen, a quadruple gasketed outer door, two interior steel mini-doors, and produces visual and audible alarms. The compressor motor utilizes nontoxic hydrocarbon refrigerants and operates at a quiet 47 dB(A) while maximizing energy efficiency. The unit can store up to 28 COVID-19 vaccine boxes, or 5460 vials, and comes with a 3-year parts and labor warranty in the United States and Canada.



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