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April 2021 : State of Pharmacy Compounding - Vol.18 No. 4 - Page #8

Pharmacy renovations came to a screeching halt last year as the response to COVID-19 consumed every director’s focus. While the number of facilities operating a cleanroom that is less than 5 years old are now in the majority, many facilities still need to renovate to meet their regulatory requirements.

Given the difficulty of planning for the future when you are short on PPE, it is not surprising that the number of pharmacy renovations in the planning stages has declined. Likewise, many pharmacy leaders are now projecting that their renovations will take longer to complete than originally expected.

The number of pharmacies renovated within the past 5 years remains at 51% as the response to COVID-19 prevented hospital construction projects from moving ahead as originally planned.

The process for getting approval of pharmacy renovation budgets is rarely an easy one, a fact to which 89% of pharmacy directors can attest. Nonetheless, despite the many difficulties of the past year, few pharmacy directors experienced increasing challenges in their budget approval process.

Most pharmacies in large facilities are operating with a newly renovated cleanroom, while their smaller counterparts are more likely to have an older setup that is not fully compliant with the new regulations.

Most pharmacy renovations expand beyond the cleanroom to include other pharmacy areas as well.

In addition to halting current construction projects, the COVID effect is also impacting the rate of renovation planning. Last year, two-thirds of hospital pharmacies with a cleanroom older than 5 years were planning a renovation; this year, that number dropped to 43%.

Despite the ongoing challenges of responding to the pandemic, pharmacy directors remain committed to completing their renovations as soon as circumstances permit.


The cost of pharmacy renovations varies widely and is impacted by compounding volume projections, facility size, project complexity, equipment upgrades, and the length of time from the last renovation.

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