April 2021 : State of Pharmacy Compounding - Vol.18 No. 4 - Page #22
Category: Cleanrooms/Modular Cleanrooms

Integral to pharmacy practice, efficient and compliant cleanrooms remain a key focus for pharmacy leaders. As new installations continue, stick-built cleanrooms remain the most popular, followed by modular hardwall units. It is notable that despite the current hold on USP Chapter <797> (and <800> by extension), most pharmacy directors are moving forward with plans to upgrade their compounding facilities.

Just under 8 out of every 10 hospital pharmacies utilize cleanrooms for drug preparation.

While the majority of US hospitals have an HVAC system that is dedicated solely to the cleanroom suite, four out of 10 hospital pharmacy cleanrooms share their HVAC system with other spaces.

The small number of facilities operating without cleanrooms are typically low-volume compounders, producing fewer than 50 CSPs per day.

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