Hazardous Drug Preparation

April 2021 : State of Pharmacy Compounding - Vol.18 No. 4 - Page #46
Category: USP Training Programs

Prior to the introduction of USP <800>, it was not uncommon for some facilities to conduct HD compounding alongside non-hazardous compounding, as a minority of facilities had access to a chemo hood in a negative pressure cleanroom. Over the past few years, HD compounding practices have vastly improved with the majority of facilities limiting HD compounding to chemo hoods within negative pressure cleanrooms that vent outside. Given how widespread HD compounding is, compliance to USP <800> is vital to ensuring staff and patient safety.

Watch for PP&P’s USP <800> Survey results coming in the July issue for a detailed examination of current HD practices, regulatory trends, and purchasing benchmarks.

Expertise in safe handling of HDs is a necessary skill set, as the preparation of HDs is customary in most facilities. Just under 8 out of every 10 facilities prepare chemotherapy and/or other HDs in the course of their daily practice.

HD compounding is nearly ubiquitous in all but the smallest facilities.

Following the direction of USP <800>, most facilities conduct HD compounding within chemo hoods in a negative pressure cleanroom that vents outside.

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