Outsourced Compounding

April 2021 : State of Pharmacy Compounding - Vol.18 No. 4 - Page #54
Category: Outsourced Compounding Services (503B)

Outsourced compounding services remain intrinsic to most hospital pharmacies’ CSP production plans. These vendors receive 98% satisfaction ratings from their users. It is particularly notable that while 483s are still frequently issued by the FDA, 100% of affected pharmacy directors are satisfied with the corrective actions taken by their vendor.

Outsourcedcompounding vendors are a key component of most hospital pharmacies’ sterile product production plan.

Hospital-owned 503B facilities remain quite rare. Just 6% of health systems have taken this approach.

Most health systems rely on two or three vendors to meet their outsourced compounding needs.

Just under seven out of every 10 facilities have developed specific internal guidelines for the selection of outsourced compounding vendors.

This year saw an 80% reduction in the number of facilities citing specific drug shortages as a driver for their outsourcing.

CAPS, Nephron, and QuVa are the leading outsourced vendors in use.

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