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July 2021 - Vol.18 No. 7 - Page #1

Despite the many challenges facing hospital pharmacy operations in the pandemic, there continues to be a concerted push to implement, refine, and augment safety precautions, particularly those related to hazardous drugs (HDs). The addition of the guidelines and mandates put forth in USP General Chapter <800> Hazardous Drugs—Handling in Healthcare Settings has been in process for some time for many pharmacies. That said, there are always ways to continue improving and ensuring the safety of patients and practitioners.

Among the tools provided by USP is a new mobile app dedicated to HD management: the <800> HazRx ( ). Available on Apple and Android platforms, the app seeks to help HD stakeholders identify hazardous substances, obtain information on safe handling, and remain abreast of the latest developments in HD products and safety standards. As illustrated in the FIGURE, HD risks lurk in and throughout several non-pharmacy-based areas, and this further solidifies the need for robust HD handling precautions.

Safe and sound operations are the bedrock of all actions in the pharmacy, particularly when those actions involve substances that can pose significant danger to patient and practitioner alike if not handled and administered properly. If you have new or inventive ways to ensure safe HD handling, please let us know. In the meantime, we hope you will absorb and apply the experiences of your colleagues as presented in this issue and this month’s supplement.

All the best,

R. Mitchell Halvorsen


Sweepstakes Winner of Our Annual Survey of USP <800> Practices!

  • Andrew Ostrenga, PharmD
    Assistant Director of Pharmacy
    University of Mississippi Medical Center

In recognition of the excellent leadership in pharmacy today, we wish to congratulate Andrew as the sweepstakes winner of our annual survey of USP <800> practices. As a token of our appreciation, Andrew received a $500 Amazon gift card. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated!


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