Survey Respondents

July 2021 : HD Handling - Vol.18 No. 7 - Page #2
Category: USP Training Programs

Within PP&P’s 4th annual survey of USP <800> compliance, you will find valuable insights into current and projected hazardous drug practices in hospitals and health systems nationwide. The results demonstrate pharmacy’s strong commitment to achieving compliant HD practices regardless of significant external pressures. We are grateful to the 300 pharmacy leaders who completed this survey and detailed their own efforts; the pages that follow establish clear data points that you can benchmark your own facility’s progress against.

Survey respondents hail from a cross section of facility sizes.

Survey respondents share their experiences from rural, suburban, and urban hospital pharmacies.

51% of respondents represent community hospitals, while 46% speak for teaching facilities.

2021 Hazardous Drug Handling Slides


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