USP <800> Compliance

July 2021 : HD Handling - Vol.18 No. 7 - Page #4
Category: USP Training Programs

Most hospital pharmacies (64%) continue to fully pursue USP <800> compliance; just 36% have delayed their efforts in response to the current appeals process.

While 83% of facilities have made significant progress toward USP <800> compliance, three-quarters of all US hospital pharmacies have yet to achieve full compliance with this important chapter.

Despite the myriad challenges of this past year, progress toward compliance continues apace; there was a 14% increase in the number of facilities meeting most or all of the requirements.

Given that full compliance often requires a significant financial investment in pharmacy infrastructure and equipment, it is highly recommended that pharmacy leverage the fact that these regulations will be enforced by accrediting agencies and the state board of pharmacy in order to garner the necessary budget support.

When USP <800> was first introduced in 2017, two-thirds of all facilities planned to manage all NIOSH Group 2 and 3 HDs under <800>. In the intervening years, more facilities are instead performing risk assessments for certain HDs in order to fine tune their HD handling requirements. A majority (58%) of facilities now utilize risk assessments to customize HD handling requirements.

While compliance to USP <800> is strongest in the largest facilities, the overall compliance rates are impressive across facilities of all sizes.

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