Survey Respondents

August 2021 - Vol.18 No. 8 - Page #6
Category: Outpatient Pharmacy Automation

In its 16th year, PP&P’s annual survey of the State of Pharmacy Automation provides a deep resource of current approaches to pharmacy automation purchasing as well as historic trends detailing changes in implementations over time. The data herein is derived from the thoughtful participation of 365 pharmacy leaders across the country, who shared their insights and experiences with budget planning, adoption strategies, technology expansion, and staffing levels to support new automation acquisitions. This detailed data provides an excellent opportunity for pharmacies to benchmark their operations against those of their peers.

Bonus Data
To see the Average Number of FTEs Dedicated to Automation by Facility Size, visit

Survey respondents represent a cross-section of facility sizes.

While most respondents represent community hospitals, a solid 42% of respondents are from teaching facilities.

Including dedicated pharmacy informaticists on staff is the norm for most facilities, yet the ability to add this role is strongly impacted by facility size. Nevertheless, this year saw significant growth in the number of facilities with 101-200 beds adding a pharmacy informaticist position to staff.


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