IV Compounding Robots

August 2021 - Vol.18 No. 8 - Page #36
Category: Robotic IV Preparation Devices

At first glance, the IV compounding robot market looks quite small. However, among the facilities with high compounding volumes, this technology is increasingly popular. Not only are implementations growing, but users are also progressively running the robots on two shifts, rather than one. As experience with the robots increases, many facilities find they can reduce the number of staff assigned to run this automation.

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The overall adoption rates for IV compounding robots remain rather limited at 7%.

Most of the robot purchases are concentrated in the largest facilities; almost one-quarter of all the largest facilities now take advantage of this technology, up from just 17% last year.

Omnicell, Arxium, and Grifols lead this marketplace.

While most facilities are running a single robot, just under one-quarter of users have added additional robots to their compounding operation.

Users are increasingly likely to utilize their robots on two shifts, rather than one.

Two-thirds of users manage their robot production with a part-time or single FTE.


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