IV Workflow Management

August 2021 - Vol.18 No. 8 - Page #38
Category: IV Workflow Management

Because IV workflow automation is a key safety technology for the cleanroom, adoptions have continued to grow even through the considerable stresses of the pandemic. When reviewing vendors, it is important to weigh both the breadth of available verification technologies as well as the reporting capabilities offered. Those facilities that are not currently planning to adopt IV workflow automation cite budget restrictions as their prime constraint.

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One-third of all facilities now take advantage of automated IV workflow management systems, a 10% increase over last year’s adoption rate.

While ingredient scanning and image capture are widely available from the various IV workflow vendors, many of the other key safety features are not as widely available.

While Baxter and Grifols continue to lead this market, both BD and Omnicell enjoyed increased adoptions this year. The Other category includes some facilities that leverage the functionality of their EHR to provide IV workflow support.


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