August 2021 - Vol.18 No. 8 - Page #54
Category: Security Products

Refrigeration needs are ever evolving; as such, this remains an area with significant purchasing activity. Both expanding refrigeration requirements and the need to replace outdated units drive the activity in this market segment. Fortunately, the depth of this marketplace means there is always a product available to meet the specific needs of any given facility. High-quality refrigeration is intrinsic to all medication storage, regardless of location. Be sure to look beyond the pharmacy to confirm you are using purpose built storage with consistent temperatures and automated monitoring capabilities.

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The commitment to using only medical grade refrigeration for pharmaceutical storage is nearly universal; just 5% of facilities have yet to adopt these units.

Facilities of all sizes have made a strong commitment to adopting medical grade refrigeration to ensure safe medication storage.

Helmer, Follett, and Thermo Fisher lead this busy marketplace, which offers significant choice to accommodate medication storage.

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In most facilities, all of the refrigeration units in the pharmacy are medical grade. On the units, medication grade refrigerators are not as ubiquitous; in fact, 41% of facilities are storing their medications in a combination of both medical grade and non-medical grade refrigerators.

While medication grade units are more widespread in the pharmacy, purchasing activity of late has been concentrated on improving the quality of medication storage on the units.


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