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August 2021 - Vol.18 No. 8 - Page #66
Category: Smart Pumps

Smart pump implementations are widespread, with adoption rates surpassing the 90% mark for all but the smallest facilities. Perhaps even more important is the fact that pharmacy is intent on expanding the utility of these systems to maximize their investment. A growing number of facilities are interfacing their smart pumps to the BCMA system and programming the pumps with patient-specific information via the wireless network. Smart pumps receive strong user satisfaction marks and inspire impressive vendor loyalty; few pharmacy directors are looking to switch to a new vendor.

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While smart pumps achieve a 95% satisfaction rating, only 17% of users assign an Excellent rating to their systems, which suggests that users would like additional functionality from their pumps.

With the exception of the smallest facilities, at least 9 out of every 10 facilities are utilizing smart IV pumps at the patient bedside.

BD continues to lead the smart pump market, followed by Baxter, B. Braun, and ICU Medical.

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Recognizing the potential efficiency gains from interfacing smart pumps with the BCMA system, a growing number of facilities are adopting this functionality. We expect this approach to become the majority practice in short order.

The ability to program smart pumps with patient specific information via the wireless network provides additional efficiency and safety. This year saw a 33% jump in the number of facilities adding this functionality to their smart pump systems, a trend that is expected to continue.

A bidirectional wireless approach is the preferred method for smart pump data transfer, yet only 47% of smart pump users currently utilize this method. While the number of facilities without wireless data transfer capabilities continues to decline, 20% of facilities have yet to switch to a wireless approach.

The majority of smart pump users continue to build their own drug libraries or customize the version provided by their vendor.


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