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September 2021 - Vol.18 No. 9 - Page #1

There was a period approximately 12 months ago when many people both within and outside health care longed for the world to “get back to normal” in light of the unfolding global pandemic. Removed as we are now from those early stages, it seems clear that “normal” is a relative term and that certain changes brought on by the pandemic are likely to remain permanent. This offers an outstanding opportunity to seek new and novel solutions to long-standing problems, and to share your success stories with each other by visiting

The practice of hospital pharmacy has been deeply challenged, but unsurprisingly, pharmacy leaders never wavered. Instead of throwing up your hands in despair, you have found fresh and impressive methods for not only maintaining safe operations under tremendous pressure, but in fact flourishing under these circumstances.

We know that many pharmacy practitioners and leaders have felt isolated and cut off from their colleagues both near and far. Video conferencing and telehealth technologies have saved us during the past year and a half, but there is no substitute for personal interaction. Of course, a substantial point of pride at PP&P is that we publish articles that resemble a lively conversation between two pharmacy leaders at a trade show or conference. There is no end to what we can learn from each other, and we have always felt the peer-to-peer model is highly effective for sharing lessons learned and educating colleagues.

If you have an interesting story to tell, please visit and check out the straightforward process that can significantly impact and raise the level of performance in today’s hospital pharmacies.

All the best,

R. Mitchell Halvorsen

Sweepstakes Winner of our Annual Survey of Generic Drug Purchasing Practices

Amber Miller, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP
Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator
Antelope Valley Hospital
Lancaster, California

In recognition of the excellent leadership in pharmacy today, we wish to congratulate Amber Miller as the Grand Prize winner of our annual survey of Generic Drug Purchasing Practices. As the randomly selected winner, Amber received her choice of prize—a $650 Amazon Gift Card! Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated.


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