Buyer's Guide: Wipe Sampling

September 2021 - Vol.18 No. 9 - Page #24
Category: Wipe Sampling (Contamination Detection)

ChemoAlert from Bureau Veritas

ChemoAlert offers a USP <800> compliant surface sampling solution, designed to make it simple to collect and submit swab samples of hazardous drugs (HDs) for safeguarding both clinician and patient health. With the capability to assess up to 19 drugs from a single swab, ChemoAlert employs sensitive and specific technology. The system uses a method that is fully validated, verified, and analyzed by an AIHA accredited laboratory. Results are available in 10 business days, and Bureau Veritas also accepts expedited analysis with a surcharge.

ChemoGLO Wipe Kit from ChemoGLO, LLC

The ChemoGLO Wipe Kit is an easy-to-use HD surface wipe sampling kit that can test six different areas. It offers a choice of 24 of the most commonly used HDs, including a panel of the most widely used hormone drugs. Samples ship at room temperature, reports provide quantified results for each drug selected, and results are emailed within 5 to 7 business days. The kit is USP <800> compliant and meets USP requirements for medical surveillance guidelines on semi-annual surface wipe testing.

SafeChemo Wipe Sampling Kit from American Analytics, Inc

The SafeChemo Wipe Sampling Kit from American Analytics offers ease of use, reliability, convenience, and accurate results for the detection and quantification of HDs on surfaces in order to help achieve and maintain USP <800> compliance. Requiring minimal training, the kit is backed by full technical support to help hospitals ensure safety during transportation, compounding, administration, and disposal of HDs. The kit offers the capability of quantifying up to 23 HDs and hormones from a single wipe sample. Samples are analyzed at American Analytics, an ISO 17025 and DOD-accredited laboratory, complying with QA/QC protocols. Results are provided within 10 to 15 working days of sample receipt, and air sampling and analysis are also available.

BD HD Check System from BD

Despite well-established safety guidelines and standards from USP, NIOSH, OSHA, and others, any staff member who handles HDs during transportation, preparation, administration, or waste disposal may be at risk of exposure to HDs. The BD HD Check System is a rapid detection test (surfaces with contamination at or above the limits of detection have 95% specificity and sensitivity) for select hazardous drugs (methotrexate, doxorubicin, and cyclophosphamide). The system detects HD surface contamination and provides easy-to-read results in less than 10 minutes, enabling immediate corrective action and helping facilitate routine monitoring. Its handheld design aims to make testing easy and convenient. The HD Check System is part of a four-step program from BD that enables users to assess the potential for HD surface contamination in various areas of the facility, helping to implement a sustainable monitoring program.

SafeChemo Kit from ISO-MED, INC

The SafeChemo sampling kit is designed to ensure the safety of patients, employees, and the environment when working with HDs. Facilitating USP <800> compliance with a five-step process, the kit offers accuracy, as samples are analyzed in ISO-MED’s laboratory with rigorous QA/QC protocols. To help achieve and maintain USP <800> compliance in sterile compounding cleanroom environments, the SafeChemo Kit offers a solution for the detection and quantification of chemotherapy drugs on surfaces.


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