Buyer's Guide: Outpatient Automation

October 2021 - Vol.18 No. 10 - Page #22
Category: Outpatient Pharmacy Automation

Storage and Retrieval System from ScriptPro

The Storage and Retrieval System (SRS) manufactured by ScriptPro offers a solution for automating and organizing pharmacy’s will call process. A single SRS automatically stores prescription will call bags within its secure cabinet while occupying a modest footprint. By using bar code controls, SRS efficiently retrieves the correct prescription(s), ensuring patient safety. The enclosed cabinet eliminates open access to prescriptions in storage and tracks user access, extending the chain of control over medications until they are dispensed to the patient. This increased controlled access to batches containing CIIs through CVs as well as unscheduled drugs, furthers drug accountability and security. Offering simplicity and efficiency, a single unit optimizes storage capacity and labor productivity. With easy installation and comprehensive training, ScriptPro’s SRS minimizes the need for staff interaction, helping to save time.

  • From ScriptPro

ATP 2 Duo Pouch and Blister Packager from Parata Systems, LLC

Parata’s dual adherence packager, the ATP 2 Duo, is a multi-medication and single-dose system designed to streamline the multi-dose blister filling process while also offering a pouch packaging solution. The system has the capacity to hold up to 480 canisters (or unique NDCs) at once, the ability to package by the batch (for more than one patient at a time), and its flexible software is easy to use for a wide range of reporting. Further, a drag-and-drop editor is available to customize the pouch design.

Whether packaging by pouch or blister, the ATP 2 Duo is a scalable machine, which alleviates the need to move inventory between packaging solutions. The automation technology possesses the added ability to incorporate blister packaging, improve workflow, provide packaging diversity for patients, and maximize time for pharmacy teams.

  • From Parata Systems, LLC

RoboPharma Expansion from Capsa Healthcare

Capsa Healthcare, provider of Kirby Lester Rx filling technology, has expanded its operations into central filling/mail order pharmacy. Capsa acquired RoboPharma—which specializes in high-volume, high-speed medication picking and prescription processing for hospital pharmacy—with the goal of growing its global pharmacy automation capabilities. The newly acquired system’s custom-designed functions focus on speed, reliability, and maximizing available space for pharmacies processing hundreds to hundreds of thousands of prescriptions daily.

  • From Capsa Healthcare

PharmacyPro from ScriptPro

ScriptPro’s PharmacyPro Mobile Point of Sale Module supports meds-to-beds programs through efficient and easy to use mobile dispensing and processing of prescription payments in real time at the patient’s bedside or doorstep. PharmacyPro interfaces with the hospital’s EHR to receive real-time patient, prescriber, and discharge prescription information. The PharmacyPro mobile app can be downloaded to a pharmacy provided iPhone or iPad, allowing for the remote capture and tracking of signatures, HIPAA forms, and comments from each delivery. Fully secure and PCI compliant, PharmacyPro protects patient information as no data is stored in the app or on the device. By supporting timely compliance, lowered readmissions, and increased revenue capture, ScriptPro’s integrated meds-to-beds solution helps optimize a comprehensive health system pharmacy strategy.

  • From ScriptPro

MerchantSoft from Emporos

The Emporos MerchantSoft platform enables pharmacies to simplify their operations and create a positive patient experience. As a focal point for patient interactions, MerchantSoft allows a connection with patients in a convenient and personalized way while maintaining safety and compliance. The system combines multi-channel point-of-sale, compliance, and counseling capture; secure payments; flexible delivery options; integrations with PMS and other key clinical and non-clinical pharmacy systems; e-commerce; inventory management; and reporting into a flexible solution.

  • From Emporos

Centralized Filling Solutions from Parata Systems, LLC

Parata’s Central Fill technology is a workflow management system that addresses the challenges of counting, packaging, filling, and routing large quantities. Central fill operations are designed to support inpatient and discharge adherence programs for patients, even those on multiple medications. The ability to send patients home with synchronized pouch packaging is an important step in avoiding readmissions due to medication errors or non-adherence.

Each solution is designed to meet the specific business needs of the pharmacy operation being served, and Parata engineers provide customized solutions to help pharmacy achieve optimal efficiency and production capabilities. Parata’s line of central fill solutions includes vial-filling robots, storage and retrieval units, pouch inspection, pouch packaging, and blister packaging.

  • From Parata Systems, LLC


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