Engineering Controls—LAFWs

November 2021 - Vol.18 No. 11 - Page #26
Category: LAFWs (Laminar Air Flow Workbenches)

Given the strong satisfaction ratings that pharmacy directors ascribe to their LAFWs, it is not surprising that they remain widely used. LAFWs receive almost universally strong ratings, with half of all users deeming their workbenches to be excellent. Well-respected vendors offer a variety of key features to meet pharmacy’s compounding needs.

More than 8 out of 10 facilities rely on LAFWs to support their compounding efforts.

As facility size increases, so does the commitment to LAFW use. In addition, larger facilities typically utilize multiple units.

Most facilities have implemented up to 3 LAFWs in their compounding areas. Facilities with more than 400 beds typically utilize more than 5 workbenches.

The Baker Company, Nuaire, and Germfree are the leading vendors in this marketplace.

Just over one-quarter of facilities plan to purchase additional LAFWs over the next 5 years.

LAFWs are increasingly well-rated by their users. These devices receive an impressive 98% satisfaction rating, but even more telling is that 49% of pharmacy directors deem their workbenches to be excellent.

New purchases will be particularly strong in the largest facilities.


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