Automated Medication Tracking Adoptions

November 2021 - Vol.18 No. 11 - Page #56
Category: Medication Tracking

Academic medical centers lead the push for adopting automated medication tracking systems, followed by community teaching hospitals, while rates for community hospitals remain low to date. Looking forward, new system purchases are expected to be strong in the coming year. Notably, most facilities are focusing on one or two vendors in their purchasing process, rather than the multiple vendors that were reviewed in previous years.

Adoptions of automated medication tracking systems continue to expand, with some growth even through the pandemic.

Facility size impacts implementation rates. While fewer than 20% of the smallest facilities take advantage of this technology, adoption rates in 400+ bed facilities are more than double that number.

RxScan, Grifols’ PharmacyKeeper, Kit Check, and Intelliguard are the leading vendors in this marketplace. The Other category primarily represents those who utilize their EHR for medication tracking or have a homegrown solution.

The 97% satisfaction rate is solidly impressive; nonetheless, just 16% of users rate their systems as excellent, suggesting the need to develop additional features within these systems.

More than 4 out of 10 users are actively planning to expand their existing systems to cover additional medications.

New system adoptions are expected to continue apace; 39% of facilities currently without this technology are planning to adopt it over the next few years. Implementation rates will continue to be strong among academic medical centers.

Kit Check, PharmacyKeeper , and MedEx are the leading systems under consideration in this marketplace. It is notable that pharmacy directors are limiting the number of vendors under review to just one or two.


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