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November 2021 - Vol.18 No. 11 - Page #18

RFID Smart Labels from Fresenius Kabi USA

Fresenius Kabi announces the addition of smart labels to a range of essential medications. The medications feature an RFID tag embedded in the label that contains the relevant data needed to immediately identify, locate, and manage medication inventory. All necessary product information is accessible from the tag, which enables an interoperable environment without the need for complicated data-sharing interfaces. The technology also allows for the item-level serialization of each +RFID product.

  • From Fresenius Kabi USA

Unit Dose Liquid Packaging Solution from Medical Packaging Inc, LLC

Medical Packaging Inc, LLC (MPI) deploys the Fluidose Series 6, an automated bar coding packaging solution for unit dose oral liquid medication. New design features provide improved durability, additional safeguards, and simplified operating procedures. The Fluidose Series 6 provides the capability to bar code and package oral liquid medication into unit dose at the rate of 22 doses per minute. Combined with MPI’s exclusive consumable materials and Pak-EDGE unit dose bar code labeling software, the system allows for advanced bar coding capabilities, ensuring detailed medication and bar code information on every unit dose package being delivered to the bedside, increasing patient safety.

Medical Packaging Inc, LLC

  • From Medical Packaging Inc, LLC

Tamper Evident Additive Port Cap from International Medical Industries, Inc (IMI)

The Prep-Lock tamper evident additive port cap from IMI adds protection to the add port of IV bags from various manufacturers. With a one-click installation, the cap aims to provide protocol assurance and tamper-evident protection that extends USP <797> guidelines beyond the pharmacy to the patient. The cap is designed to be cost effective and to reduce the risk of contamination by providing a physical barrier to diversion and misuse, increasing safety for health care providers and patients.

  • From International Medical Industries, Inc (IMI)

Bleach-Free Cleaner/Disinfectant from Contec, Inc

The TB1-3300 Disinfectant from Contec Healthcare is a blend of quaternary ammonium and ethyl alcohol available in 32 oz (0.9 L) and 1 gallon (3.8 L) containers. This cleaner/disinfectant is ready-to-use, bleach-free, generates low residue, and is available in a sterile option. The disinfectant has a one-minute bactericidal, virucidal, tuberculocidal, and fungicidal contact time, and the container includes a push-pull cap for controlled application. Its composition is designed to provide quality cleaning and disinfecting for environmental surfaces in pharmacy cleanrooms and laboratory areas including workstations, isolators, primary engineering controls (PECs), secondary engineering controls (SECs), and other hard, non-porous surfaces.

  • From Contec, Inc

Ertapenem for Injection from Dr Reddy's Laboratories Inc

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories launches ertapenem for injection, 1 g/vial, a therapeutic equivalent generic version of Invanz (ertapenem for injection) for injection. The ertapenem for injection, 1 g/vial, is available in packs of 10 vials per carton.

  • From Dr Reddy's Laboratories Inc

Diversion Scorecard from Medacist Solutions Group, LLC

Developed by Medacist Solutions Group, the RxDiversion Scorecard is a new online set of guidelines to help health care institutions understand their specific needs and evaluate drug diversion analytical solutions. Utilizing two decades of drug diversion experience and data analytics, the new scorecard system outlines critical factors in assessing a facility’s aptitude in drug diversion initiatives along with potential risk factors that may be otherwise unknown.

  • From Medacist Solutions Group, LLC

Wipe Sampling Kit from American Analytics, Inc

American Analytics offers the SafeChemo Kit for the detection and quantification of HDs on surfaces to help achieve and maintain USP <800> compliance. The kit is designed for intuitive use, requires minimal training, and includes full technical support and training. With the capability of quantifying up to 23 HDs and hormones from a single wipe sample, samples are analyzed using LC-MS/MS techniques at an ISO 17025 and DOD accredited laboratory producing defensible results in compliance with rigorous QA/QC protocols. Results are provided within 10 to 15 working days of sample receipt by the laboratory. Air sampling and analysis are also available.

  • From American Analytics, Inc

HD Signs, Labels, Magnets, and Clings from Maxpert Medical

To help promote safety, Maxpert Medical offers signage and labeling with prominent alerts of hazardous drugs (HDs) directing staff to utilize caution. Whether identifying hazardous medications on a shelf or in a bin; labeling an HD spill kit; or posting on doors, windows, and walls to communicate HD presence, Maxpert Medical has a product solution for hazard communication programs, USP <800> compliance campaigns, and signage for engineering controls.

  • From Maxpert Medical

CSTD Conforms to NIOSH Protocol from Equashield LLC

CSTD Conforms to NIOSH Protocol

A recent study conducted by the University of North Carolina evaluated six CSTD systems on the market, using isopropyl alcohol as a surrogate for chemotherapy medication, per NIOSH’s 2015 proposed testing protocol. Equashield was found to adequately contain hazardous drug vapors and aerosols throughout the compounding and administration process. Containment of hazardous vapors is one of several factors used to assess the effectiveness of CSTDs, and use of isopropyl alcohol serves as a realistic worst case surrogate for such assessment.

Equashield LLC

  • From Equashield LLC

Calcium Gluconate in Sodium Chloride Injection from WG Critical Care, LLC

WG Critical Care releases ready-to-use calcium gluconate in sodium chloride injection 1000 mg per 100 mL (10 mg/mL), joining the already available 1 g/50 mL and 2 g/100 mL ready-to-use products offered by WG Critical Care. All products are indicated for pediatric and adult patients for the treatment of acute symptomatic hypocalcemia. All three products are FDA approved. With a 24-month shelf life at a controlled room temperature, it is stable for 60 days outside of the overwrap and can fit in most automated dispensing cabinets. The bags are designed to promote hospital compliance with USP chapters <797> and <800>.

  • From WG Critical Care, LLC


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