IV Compounding Robots

December 2021 - Vol.18 No. 12 - Page #6
Category: Robotic IV Preparation Devices

Robot implementations remain concentrated in large teaching hospitals with a strong commitment to USP compliance. As expertise with this automation grows, these facilities are reaping additional benefits. This year saw a decrease in the number of staff assigned to manage the robots with a simultaneous expansion to running the robots on multiple shifts. Looking ahead, interest in this automation is expanding to mid-sized facilities as more pharmacies look to automate both HD and non-HD sterile compounding.

While most robot users produce less than 10% of their total doses via a robot, one-third of facilities leverage their robots for a significant portion of their total doses.

Overall, 11% of facilities are looking to add robots to automate their IV production. Facilities considering these devices are evenly split between mid- and large-size facilities.

Most facilities are reviewing a variety of vendors as they explore robots for both standard compounding and for HD compounding. Omnicell, Grifols, and Equashield are the leading vendors under consideration.


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