Outsourced Compounding

December 2021 - Vol.18 No. 12 - Page #20
Category: Outsourced Compounding Services (503B)

Outsourced compounding services are a key component of most hospital pharmacies’ CSP production plans. Pharmacy is typically involved in both designing selection guidelines and overseeing contract review for their outsourced vendors. As most vendors engender high satisfaction ratings, there is strong customer loyalty in this marketplace.

Pharmacy is typically involved in the contract review process with their outsourced compounding vendors; this commitment holds true across facilities of all sizes.

Facilities of all sizes are committed to utilizing internal guidelines for the selection of outsourced compounding vendors. Overall, 68% of facilities have these guidelines in place and an additional 12% are in the process of developing such guidelines.

The number of facilities reducing or curtailing their outsourcing volume due to sterility or safety concerns continues to decline. Last year, one-third of facilities curtailed some of their outsourcing due to safety concerns; this year just under one-quarter of facilities did so.

Given that users assign a 98% satisfaction rating to their outsource vendors, it is not surprising that 6 out of 10 hospital pharmacies have no plans to switch vendors and just 7% of hospital pharmacies are actively looking to change their outsource vendor over the next year.

When hospital pharmacies project the vendors they will use over the next 3-5 years, CAPS, Nephron, and Quva lead the field.

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