Buyer's Guide: Unit Dose Packaging

December 2021 - Vol.18 No. 12 - Page #24
Category: Unit Dose Pharmaceuticals

Auto-Print from Medical Packaging Inc, LLC

The Auto-Print from Medical Packaging Inc, LLC, is a bar coding packaging solution for oral solid medications that eliminates the need for manual packaging and sorting of medication. Designed for simple maintenance and easy operation, it assists the pharmacy in decreasing packaging costs, increasing operational efficiency, and reducing medication errors. The Auto-Print provides the capability to bar code and package tablets and capsules into unit dose at the rate of 60 packages per minute.

Also offered in stainless steel for use in cleanroom environments, additional functionality for specialized packaging includes the optional Oral Solid Feeder (OSF) attachment, adjustable variable length packaging option, and optional bar code verifier attachment. The system is powered by Pak-EDGE UD Barcode Labeling Software, capable of generating and printing all linear, 2D, and GS1 bar codes and offering advanced bar coding capabilities and configurations. The serialization packaging feature is standard, providing customers with the ability to print individual packages with a unique serial number and bar code in compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). With this system, pharmacy can benefit from current features and functionalities that contribute to efficient medication management and improved patient safety.

FastPak Elite from ARxIUM

The FastPak Elite premium packaging solution offers versatility and modular configuration to provide limitless drug formulary capabilities. Featuring smart canisters, which can be placed anywhere in the device, the FastPak Elite enables users to automate up to 100% of their solid oral medication fulfillment.

Steri-Dropper from Medi-Dose, Inc / EPS, Inc

EPS offers a 10-pack configuration for all four sizes of its Steri-Dropper sterile ophthalmic dispensing containers. The 10-pack features an ergonomically designed tray with each of the components (bottles, tips, and caps) separated for convenience. The new configuration helps users control costs when preparing sterile solutions in adherence with USP <797> and other current guidelines, even while packaging larger runs.

All four sizes of Steri-Dropper bottles, in both the original 2-pack and new 10-pack design, are manufactured from a zinc stearate-free resin, minimizing the risk of particulates forming in solutions with certain ophthalmic preparations.

ATP 2 Pouch Packager from Parata Systems, LLC

The Parata ATP 2 Pouch Packager is designed to simplify medication administration and improve adherence while being scalable to adapt to pharmacy’s needs. As an automated tablet packager, it allows for both unit dose and multi-medication packaging, with customizable printing features for four different pouch sizes. Users have the capability to add color, logos, bar codes, icons, and more for a custom appearance. The pouches are designed to handle high-volume orders and reduce waste, and users can add rows of canister drawers as needed.

SynMed XF Blister Packager from Parata Systems, LLC

The SynMed XF Blister Packager from Parata Systems is an automated adherence packaging solution that works with the facility’s existing pharmacy management software to dispense solid oral medications in single- and multi-dose blister packs. With the ability to produce more than 30 cards per hour, the XF aims to reduce technician verification time while utilizing bar code and biometrics scanning to secure the production chain of custody and track responsibility. The machine offers the potential to generate more than 300 multi-dose blister packs in one 8-hour shift and is compatible with a growing list of blister packs, with 35 currently in use. Custom printing options allow the pharmacy to add a logo, the patient’s photo, and pictograms that clearly indicate the time of administration.

Axial Multi/Unit Dose Packaging Machine from Euclid Medical Products

Euclid Medical Products offers Axial, a full line of next generation multi/unit dose adherence pouch packaging machines. Featuring a small footprint (2’ x 2’), these next generation packaging machines are designed based on a rotary concept and can package up to 65 packages per minute. With RFID smart canisters, users can package and fill canisters at the same time. The machines include a built-in dehumidifier and operate on Euclid’s Vantage software platform, allowing integration into the pharmacy information system.

Lid-Label Covers from Medi-Dose, Inc / EPS, Inc

Clearly identifying medications requiring special handling, such as those covered by USP <800>, is important for the safety of health care staff and patients. In addition to its bright yellow Lid-Label Covers for its circular, oval, and MPB-Multi-Purpose Medi-Cup Blisters, Medi-Dose has added five additional brightly colored Lid-Label Covers—blue, red, orange, green, and pink—to call attention to specific classes of drugs. The labels provide a tamper-evident and moisture-resistant seal and are compatible with Medi-Dose’s MILT software, featuring 1D or 2D bar codes, graphics, special fonts, Tall-man lettering, shapes, logos, and symbols (such as biohazard, NIOSH, and more), to further highlight important dispensing information and minimize the potential for medication error.   

PillPick from Swisslog Healthcare

PillPick from Swisslog provides unit dose packaging, storage, and dispensing, making it an automated solution, from manufacturers’ packaging to patient-specific dispensing. The system delivers medication safety by reducing human touches throughout the processes of packaging, dispensing, and returns. Secure medication loading enables the elimination of pharmacist checks upon dispense where allowed by state boards of pharmacy. PillPick’s PickView stores images of all medications packaged through the system for future verification. A single dose’s image can be retrieved at any time, enabling hospitals to provide documentation that the right drug was in the right package.

PillPick can store more than 50,000 unit doses, as well as support overwrapping larger items, such as vials and ampules. Two robots can run simultaneously, allowing for both multitasking and redundancy. Its patented PickRing organizes medication on a single ring for each patient; this can be loaded according to drug name or sequenced by administration time for ease of use by nursing.

Multi-Purpose Blisters from Medi-Dose, Inc / EPS, Inc

Medi-Dose’s Multi-Purpose Blisters (MPBs) allow users to easily package, label, and secure a variety of sizes and types of medications, including large medication, compounded and USP <800> drugs, double- and triple-0 capsules, unit-of-use packaging, repacked medications, suppositories, and more.

All MPBs are tamper-evident, moisture-resistant, and ultraviolet inhibitant. Each blister has a 2” x 2” label and is available in either 1-1/4” or 5/8” depths to suit various packaging and storage requirements. Flexible label formatting of the MPB labels is compatible with Medi-Dose’s MILT software.

Solid and Liquid Unit Dose Packaging Machines from Euclid Medical Products

With the Cadet, Cadet Twin 2x2, and the Speedy Wet Cadet, Euclid Medical Products aims to provide hospital pharmacies, long-term care facilities, and third-party packing companies with high-quality, efficient unit dose packaging and bar coding systems featuring speed, durability, and non-fading, thermal transfer printing. This easy-to-clean, stainless steel line of machines can produce up to 120 packages per minute, and properly maintained units can last for more than 20 years.


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