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April 2022 : State of Pharmacy Compounding - Vol.19 No. 4 - Page #1

Combining regulatory requirements, such as those from USP and FDA, with pharmacy best practices, such as those from ISMP and CriticalPoint, is a foundational approach to successful operations. But to grow and maximize the potential of what the pharmacy has to offer, benchmarking is required. The data found in PP&P’s surveys of health system pharmacist leaders provide an ample and convincing backbone to several important initiatives, particularly those where technology and automation can alleviate stress points and modernize your practice.

This month’s supplement—The State of Pharmacy Compounding—represents the 15th year of data gathering and analysis of pharmacy compounding practices. This rich set of data can be used as leverage when advocating for budgetary support from institutional administration by benchmarking your operation against those of your peers.

A primary goal at PP&P is to focus on moving positive debate and conversation forward. By engaging clinical pharmacy experts to help explain the reasoning behind new regulations, and by sharing your peers’ best-practice approaches to compliant compounding, we hope to continue assisting hospital pharmacies in building and maintaining a safe and efficient compounding workflow.

We hope you will absorb the information found in these pages and we encourage you to utilize it to improve your practice. Please visit to find a free, downloadable slide package of this data, as well as data packages from several other PP&P surveys. These can be used for new instrument or technology acquisition proposals, to highlight accomplishments you have already made in your pharmacy, to justify the costs of improvement, and more. We simply ask that you retain the credit found at the bottom of each slide.

All the best,

R. Mitchell Halvorsen


P.S. The winner of this year’s State of Pharmacy Compounding survey sweepstakes is Jackie Costantino, administrative director of Allied Health at South County Health in Wakefield, Rhode Island. She has won an $800 Amazon gift card. Our thanks to Jackie and all of this year’s survey participants.

2022 State Of Pharmacy Compounding Slides


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