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July 2022 - Vol.19 No. 7 - Page #1

During the pursuit of best practices, it is advisable to build on the expertise of your peers rather than reinventing the wheel with every effort. Providing insight in this expertise is a primary directive at Pharmacy Purchasing & Products, as evidenced in our magazine—which in 2022 celebrates its 18th year in service—as well as our burgeoning catalogue of online resources. This includes a wide range of webinars (see ) and PP&P’s FindIt database of hospital pharmacy product and service providers (

As a prime example of our recent webinar content, noted expert in hospital pharmacy and safe handling of hazardous drugs—Patti Kienle, RPh, MPA, BCSCP, FASHP—explains how to take advantage of USP resources and best practice tips. The FAQ section of USP is an excellent source for effective compounding practices (visit the site

Two particularly notable points in the current FAQs touch on storage requirements for sterile and nonsterile HDs, as well as what kind of packaging containers can be used for HDs. Further, you can ask USP questions on specific standards via its Scientific Support page—

Be sure to check in on the USP FAQs frequently for new updates. As a busy manager, perhaps assign this responsibility to other staff members as your own best practice. The person delegated to this task can review the content and regularly share pertinent information at staff meetings.

We encourage you to practice at the top of your license and inspire others in your organization to do so as well. If there are ways you think we can further this mission, please do not hesitate to drop us a note and let us know.

All the best,

R. Mitchell Halvorsen


Sweepstakes Winner of Our Annual Survey of USP <800> Practices

Valerie Poppert, PharmD
Director of Pharmacy
Fillmore County Hospital
Geneva, Nebraska

In recognition of the excellent leadership in pharmacy today, we wish to congratulate Valerie as the sweepstakes winner of our annual survey of USP <800> practices. As a token of our appreciation, Valerie received a $500 Amazon gift card. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated!


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