July 2022 : Hazardous Drug Handling - Vol.19 No. 7 - Page #6
Categories: Closed System Drug-Transfer Devices (CSTDs), USP Training Programs

CSTD implementation is nearly ubiquitous in the cleanroom, reflecting pharmacy’s strong commitment to safe handling practices for their staff who compound HDs. It is imperative that pharmacy demonstrates this same commitment to their nursing counterparts. Pharmacy directors must prioritize CSTD use for all staff who handle HDs, as 21% of facilities continue to administer HDs without this basic level of containment. The site of practice should not determine the level of protection staff receive.

For the facilities planning to purchase new CSTDs for use on the units, most are reviewing various devices, including those offered by BD, Equashield, B. Braun, Fresenius Kabi, and ICU.

2022 State Of Pharmacy Compounding Slides


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