A Valuable Resource for Automation Purchases

August 2008 - Vol. 5 No. 8

SoPA’s snapshot of pharmacy’s current and projected automation adoptions gives you the opportunity to benchmark your facility’s rate of technology adoption to see how you stack up against other like-sized facilities and the industry as a whole.

While analyzing the survey responses, we were pleased to learn that 71% of DoPs nationwide use PP&P as a resource to research automation purchases. Of course, we are gratified to hear that the articles in PP&P simplify your purchasing processes and provide best practice guidance, but be sure you are taking full advantage of all that PP&P offers, beyond simply reading our monthly issue.

For example, let’s say while reading page 52 of SoPA on wireless temperature monitoring, you realize your facility is one of the 42% without a plan to take advantage of this relatively inexpensive, time-saving solution. Clearly, it is time to start researching so you can present a case for acquisition to your administrators. You can begin with the simple step of requesting more information from these system vendors via our reader service card. A quick search at www.pppmag.com will yield some great articles on how to choose a system and how others have successfully implemented their systems. A perusal of www.findit.pppmag.com will give you instant access to all of the vendors in this marketplace.

With all of this data, you are ready to put together a presentation for your administrators. Again, you can start at our website. Due to popular demand, we have made select graphs from SoPA available as PowerPoint slides, for your use. If you would like to include budget data or the number of like-sized facilities that have already implemented a certain technology in your next presentation, simply go to www.pppmag.com and download the slides .

Or, you could take the more abbreviated approach a DoP shared with me recently. He simply ripped out the June 2007 article on wireless temperature monitoring, stapled his requisition to it, and turned it in. He reports being quite pleased with his new monitoring system!

Whichever approach you take, we’d like to hear how you fare.

All the best,

R. Mitchell Halvorsen


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