Carousel and Robot Storage & Retrieval Systems

August 2008 - Vol. 5 No. 8

System Adoption

The automation solutions for drug storage and retrieval - carousels and robots - are currently implemented in a minority of hospitals. However, with 30% of all hospitals using carousels and robots, there are a significant number of hospitals benefiting from this automation 

Carousels vs. Robots

Of those facilities with automated drug storage and retrieval processes, carousels are the more commonly implemented solution. 

Purchase vs. Lease

A majority of hospitals (62%) report owning their systems versus leasing them. This is a significant change over last year's ownership of 46%, perhaps reflecting the general satisfaction respondents report with their systems and their commitment to keep their current systems in place.

System in Use

McKesson has continued their market share growth for the second year in a row, now holding the first place spot. Talyst has experienced heady growth this year, moving to 16% market share from 5.4% in 2007. AmerisourceBergen and Swisslog have also seen increases in their market share.

User Satisfaction

For two years in a row, robot and carousel users have reported very high satisfaction with their systems. 94% rate their systems satisfactory or better.

Projected Implementations by Facility Size      

A strong majority of the larger facilities (200+ beds) plan to implement an automated solution for drug storage and retrieval. Smaller hospitals are also looking at these solutions, with 40% of the smallest hospitals (less than 100 beds) planning to implement a robot or carousel in the near future.

Projected Timeframes to Adoption  

A majority (52%) of those who have not yet implemented an automated system for drug storage and retrieval plan to do so.


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