It's Time to Vote!

September 2008 - Vol. 5 No. 9

We are just weeks away from Tuesday, November 4th. Take amoment now to schedule time in your calendar on November 4th to stop by your local polling place.

If you are among the 52% of us who generally don’t participate in elections, there is still time to register to vote. Simply click on , fill in a simple form, and your local voter registration form will arrive right in your e-mail inbox. You can check your state’s deadline for voter registration at .

I have always admired the Australian national voting system.There, the act of voting is considered a civic responsibility to be upheld by everyone over the age of 18. Australian voter participation rates of 95% dwarf our rather embarrassing 48%.1  The reason behind this high turnout is not just civic pride, rather, voter registration is mandated at age 18 and not showing up to vote will result in a fine.

While, here at PP&P, we won’t fine you — or cancel your subscription — for not voting in the election, we are happy to demonstrate how your vote counts.

 To see the power of your vote, go to and click on the VOTE TODAY button. Rather than seeing choices of our presidential candidates, you will see choices for future product spotlights that will run in PP&P. Vote on the specific product or product class you would like to learn more about. We will spotlight the top voted products in an upcoming issue.

From selecting the next product spotlight for PP&P or choosing the next president of our great country, your vote truly does count.So please take the time to participate in both processes in the coming weeks.Remember, your vote counts!

All the best,


R. Mitchell Halvorsen



P.S. We would also like to congratulate the winners of this year’s State of Pharmacy Compounding and State of Pharmacy Automation prize drawings. Both David and Robby were awarded Canon digital cameras for their participation. Our sincere thanks to all of the other pharmacists who contributed to these surveys!


David Grant, RPh., MBA

Director of Pharmacy

and Respiratory Care

Chambersburg Hospital

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania


Robert (Robby) Smith, RPh, MS

Director of Pharmacy

University of South Alabama

Children’s and Women’s Hospital Mobile, Alabama


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