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October 2008 - Vol. 5 No. 10

Telepharmacy Products
Telepharmacy Solutions from AmerisourceBergen offers pharmacist-controlled point-of-care medication management technologies, which maximize the use of pharmacy resources and help promote formulary compliance and drug safety. Telepharmacy Solutions address remote dispensing needs, and feature biometric login, bar code scanning, and a heavy gauge steel design that has been tested and approved by the DEA.

AmerisourceBergen Corporation visit 

Automated Dispensing Machine
The Pyxis DuoStation system allows clinicians to dispense both pharmacist-verified medications and medical supplies from a single dispensing machine. Nurses use unique identifiers to log onto the system and obtain access to the medication and medical supplies needed to care for a patient. In addition, the system simultaneously records the medications and supplies used for each patient and then transfers the information to the hospital’s billing system, helping to increase workflow efficiency and cost-saving opportunities through inventory reduction and increased charge capture.

Cardinal Health visit

Infusion Workstation
Hospira introduces HiCap, a high-capacity infusion workstation for drug delivery and medication management in critical care settings. This intravenous (I.V.) pole supports pumps, mon­itors, and solution containers, and allows a single staff member to transport as many pumps as four conventional I.V. poles. Twin vertical handles give users more power and control for safer transport, while a split center panel im­proves transport visibility. HiCap’s low-profile base creates stability and fits easily under the rail of a hospital bed.

Hospira, Inc.

I.V. B
ag Identification Rings

EPS, Inc. announces 10 colors of I.V. Bag Rings for pharmacy to safely and economically identify multiple I.V. bags by patient, department, floor, etc. The 1” diameter rings are made of plastic rod and are resistant to fading. The I.V. bag rings can be used to keep bags together for quick identification, yet pull open easily to separate bags. 

4Medi-Dose, Inc./EPS, Inc. visit

Liquid Unit Dose Packager
Medical Packaging Inc. introduces the Fluidose Series 5 unit dose packaging systems for liquids.  The liquid unit dose packager features automatic low fluid detection, a pause feature when fluid level reaches a preset limit, a touch screen control panel, a purge feature to clear the system, and disposable FDA grade tubing.  The Fluidose Series 5 is available with Syringe Pump or Baxa Pump filling options to produce a single bar-coded package for the bedside in 15 ml, 25 ml or 35 ml cups. Powered by MPI’s WinPak software, the Fluidose Series 5 enables pharmacists to select from multiple bar code symbologies and label customization features.  

Medical Packaging Inc.

Narcotic Cabinet
Medicus Health’s Programmable Digital Narcotic Cabinet can be user programmed with combinations from 3-8 digits long. The 20”W x 20”H x 6”D cabinet is designed to securely and safely hold various medicines. It is equipped with a programmable digital lock with an override feature, and includes two keys for manual locking and unlocking. The cabinet’s shelves are adjustable and can be configured to fit storage needs.

Medicus HealthCircle visit

Electronic Health Record Software
Medsphere’s OpenVista is an open source electronic health record (EHR) solution, a commercialized version of the U.S. Depar­tment of Veterans Affairs’ VistA EHR developed over the course of more than 20 years. Offering interoperability with all existing IT systems, OpenVista gives clinicians real time access to all patient information, allowing simultaneous review of patient history, diagnoses and treatment results, drug allergy alerts, documentation and consults, food and nutrition, radiology and imaging results, and other relevant patient data.

Medsphere Systems Corporation

Anticoagulation Management Software
OZtech Systems’ Anticoag Therapy Manage­ment System (ATMS) is designed to enable healthcare providers to manage antithrombotic therapy and comply with the Joint Commission’s requirements for patient safety. ATMS integrates with existing hospital systems, is Web-based, only a browser is needed, and does not require hardware or software purchases. ATMS continuously monitors patient’s laboratory test results and medications, and issues alerts when intervention is needed or as new patients arrive or are ready to be discharged. ATMS coordinates follow-up visits and reports the needed information to the next provider of care.

OZtech Systems, Inc. visit

Medication Labels
I.V. Medication Added Labels from EPS, Inc. provide ample area for vital dispensing and administration information. The labels are available in a variety of styles and sizes, and can be used with any medication container. The bright yellow and orange labels are attention-getting and can adhere to most  surfaces. 

Medi-Dose, Inc./EPS, Inc. visit

Patient Wristband Solution
Zebra Technologies introduces the HC100, a cartridge-based patient ID solution that includes the wireless, small-footprint HC100 thermal printer and cartridges containing Zebra’s Z Band direct thermal, antimicrobial-coated wristbands. The thermal printer accommodates Zebra’s complete line of adhesive white and color Z Band cartridges – available in infant, pediatric, and adult sizes. This solution eliminates the need to attach printed labels to wristbands and apply laminate coating.

Zebra Technologies Corporation visit

Tamper Resistant Prescription Paper
Micro Format, Inc. manufactures Tamper Resistant Prescription Pads, Laser Prescription Paper, and Thermal Rx Roll Paper. Micro Format Rx Paper Products meet all 2008 Medicaid requirements which is key as all Medicaid prescriptions must be written on tamper resistant paper as of October 1, 2008.

Micro Format, Inc.

Wireless Monitoring Modules
Rees Scientific introduces Wireless Environ­mental Monitoring V.2 wireless modules featuring low battery alarms, two-way communication with self-healing mesh networks, and data buffering at the transmitter level. Coupled with CentronSQL, the modules offer centralized alarm notification and data collection, Joint Commission, GxP, and USP<797> compliance,  advanced and custom reporting, graphical input status reports, and scalable maps. Alarm notification — via local sonic, relay, text messaging, telephone and e-mail —  combined with Web access ensures quick notification when temperatures are out of range.

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Needle-Stick Prevention Device
Schreiner MediPharm introduces the Needle-Trap system to help prevent accidental needlestick injuries to healthcare providers from disposable syringes. The Needle-Trap system features an integrated safety mechanism that is a component of the self-adhesive syringe label. This design allows the needle to be safely secured after it has been used and enables healthcare providers to use the same injection technique and disposal process as before. The Needle-Trap labels are adaptable to the most common syringe types, and can also provide optional detachable documentation labels to reduce the risk of medication errors.

Schreiner MediPharm, L. P. visit

Clinical Information Documentation Software
The Dynamic Monitoring System from VigiLanz offers a suite of real-time, rules-based monitoring solutions for electronic surveillance of clinical events. The products include the Dynamic Pharm­acoVigilance System that enables clinicians to identify and prevent potential adverse drug events by identifying drug/lab combinations that are known to have strong cause and effect relationships, the Dynamic Practice Guidance System with embedded clinical guideline rules, and the Dynamic Infection Control System that supports the infection control practitioner. The VigiLanz system runs rules both from its shared library and those created by customers. Embedded within all products is the reporting tool, data-mining tool, device-tracking tool, and intervention tracker.                                                                                                                       

VigiLanz Corporation visit

Automated Wireless Dispensing Cart
Omnicell introduces its medical grade wireless Supply Mobile Cart that allows clinicians to access specialty supplies quickly, securely and efficiently from any location at any time. The battery powered, automated dispensing Supply Mobile Cart allows hospitals to benefit from reduced inventories, an increase in captured charges as well as a more accurate and automated replenishment of rolling stock. Guiding light technology includes both drawer location light and product dedicated lights that guide the user to the selected supplies. In addition, clinical based workflow tracks supplies in the operating room (OR) from central sterile, OR core, OR suites and rolling stock; and in the cath lab, procedure based workflow tracks supplies to the physician, case type, technician and patient.

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