Here's to a great 2010, and an even better 2011!

December 2010 - Vol.7 No. 12 - Page #1

As we turn the corner on another year, we like to review our past year’s performance and take inventory. What things have we done well this year? What areas need improvement? These are questions that any business can—and should—be asking itself.

As a director of pharmacy, you are probably already looking forward to 2011; whether you are considering new capital projects, or just looking for ways to squeeze every dollar out of your operating budget, such projections can often be daunting. That’s why PP&P is so excited about bringing you all the new developments and news that will affect your practice in the near future, and beyond.

A small example of a worthwhile task would be to review your facility’s use of look-alike/sound-alike drugs. Fortunately, the ISMP has recently released a newsletter detailing its new list of TALL Man lettering suggestions. They have indicated several new drug representations in pairs and triples, and now is the time to review your own policies and procedures for this important area.


You can access the FDA’s approved list of generic names with TALL Man letters and ISMP’s  complete list of additional drug name pairs (including these new additions) on our Web site at

As always, let us know how we can improve our magazine to help your practice.

All the best,

R. Mitchell Halvorsen



* Brand names always start with an uppercase letter. Some brand names incorporate TALL Man letters in initial characters and may not be readily
recognized as brand names.

© ISMP. ISMP Updates its List of Drug Name Pairs with TALL Man Letters. ISMP Medication Safety Alert! Nov 18, 2010;1.


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