Are You Ready to Manage 2011?

January 2011 - Vol. 8 No. 1 - Page #1

As the New Year begins, like you, we are looking forward to new challenges, discoveries, and innovations in the world of hospital pharmacy. What new forms of information exchange, inventory and asset management, or safety initiatives will come to the forefront? In all cases, those who work in institutional pharmacy management roles will have to face these uncertainties head on. Fortunately, you will not face them alone.

Many of you probably recall the days of pharmacy school and the often grueling process of education in clinical pharmacy applications. Depending on your graduation date, perhaps you took classes in informatics or automation in the pharmacy. You may have taken some business classes to prepare for the logistics of purchasing, supply chain management, and acquisition. In some ways, perhaps you were prepared for many of the variables that arise in any management position. Perhaps, in your mind, you were not prepared at all. Whether you are a pharmacy director with years of experience, or a newly appointed assistant pharmacy director, sterile products manager, or medication safety officer, how many of you were taught exactly how to manage people?

In this month’s issue, we debut a new feature where pharmacy leaders share their insights on effective management approaches. Faces in Pharmacy will run occasionally throughout the year and provide a forum for successful approaches to those daily management challenges that test all of us. We also present an article on a topic that is difficult for many people—diversion. This is a concept that involves not only technological mechanisms but also a necessary, and often uncomfortable, direct interaction with personnel that may be adding considerable liability to your operations. As we move forward this year, we expect to cover more of these management-specific situations through the writing of your experienced peers. Odds are if you find some aspects of managing your staff challenging, then another director out there is facing the same issue. As with all challenges in this professional field, we encourage open and detailed discussion at all times. By working together, we can continue to address all topics and concepts that are important to you, whether they are enjoyable to discuss or not. As always, we urge you to submit your questions, concerns, and ideas to P&PP.

Wishing you the best in 2011,

R. Mitchell Halvorsen

P.S. We would like to congratulate the winner of our 2010 Pharmacy Salary & Staffing survey of health-system pharmacy directors. Robert Middleton, Pharmacy Director at St. Clare’s Hospital, was chosen at random from the completed surveys. For his efforts, Robert will receive a 16GB Apple iPad! Keep your eye out for our next survey and you could be our next big winner!


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