Filling Out a Survey from P&PP Makes Everyone a Winner.

June 2011 - Vol.8 No. 6 - Page #1

In this day and age, your email inbox is probably inundated with offers of grand rewards for filling out surveys with dubious intensions, at best. Junk mail, spam, phishing scams... it can seem endless. But let me take a moment to reassure you, the survey requests you get from Pharmacy Purchasing & Products are all, by design, meant to directly improve the practice of health-system pharmacy. Whether you win one of the great prizes we randomly award to those who submit their information—such as iPads, HDTVs, and Home Theater Systems—during a survey, it is the practice of health system pharmacy that benefits most in the end. Your answers, along with those of your colleagues, help to create powerful trending data that we publish in our far-reaching supplements such as the State of Pharmacy Compounding and Going Green, or our comprehensive State of Pharmacy Automation (August, 2011). With this in mind, we encourage you to keep an eye out for emails announcing our next survey. The odds of winning a prize are actually quite good! Regardless of whether you win a prize, your contribution will help bolster health system pharmacy practices, and that is a prize we all can benefit from.

All the best,
R. Mitchell Halvorsen

P.S. For a list of our past grand prize winners visit


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