Sterile Preparation Room Design Elements

October 2011 : Cleanrooms & Compounding - Vol.8 No. 10 - Page #26

From R.C. Smith Company
Sterile Preparation Casework and Storage
Sterile preparation guidelines and regulations demand that the designer possess both professional knowledge of processes and an ability to provide optimal layout options. Casework should compliment the unique functions performed within the boundaries of a sterile preparation area and the adjacent work areas. Design services and the resultant casework, storage areas, workbenches, and structural interfaces with exterior pharmacy areas are provided to meet USP <797> compliance. 

Pass-through Window with Auto Close Feature
This pass through window system from R.C. Smith has an automatic closing feature to insure the window is not accidentally left open and that pressure differentials are maintained between areas on opposite sides of the window. Designed for modern cleanroom layouts, it is ideal for placement between the buffer area and ante area or common pharmacy space. 


From Innotech Products
Single and Double Door Pass-through Windows
Innotech Products offers a wide selection of wall-mounted pass through window units. Constructed of either type 304 stainless steel or solid white polypropylene plastic, the doors are fabricated from a single sheet of stainless steel with a tempered safety glass insert. Unlike models constructed of plastic laminated particleboard, Innotech’s models will not chip, crack, warp, or outgas.

Floor Mount Pass Through
All floor-mounted pass through cabinets are constructed with a welded stainless steel shell. The floor-mounted design does not have a bottom or thread hold, allowing carts to easily roll in and out without obstruction. The doors are made with a heavy-duty stainless steel frame, chrome plated continuous hinge, Plexiglas viewing window, closed cell PVC door gasket, and a 90-degree turn knob latch. Several standard sizes are offered and custom sizes can be supplied. Vertically sliding doors, mechanical interlocks, shelves, and HEPA filtration are available. 

Cleanroom Light Fixtures
Innotech Products offers cleanroom lights rated class 10 through class 100,000 for hospital cleanrooms to provide a comfortable working environment while maintaining the necessary sealed conditions to support USP <797> compliance. A complete line of surface, corner, top access, sealed louver, and laminar fixtures are available for sealed and gasketed cleanroom applications.


From Metro Lionville
Specialized Support Pharmacy Fixtures
Metro’s Lionville pharmacy fixtures can be customized to support all hospital cleanroom operations with flexible, modular casework that allows for future upgrades and enhancements to maintain appropriate sterile, USP <797>-compliant conditions. Multiple materials options enable the correct layout and aesthetics for your cleanroom needs. Metro pharmacy design experts help guide the process, from planning and design to installation.


From Terra Universal
Roll-up Pass-through Chambers
Each chamber incorporates keypad-controlled roll-up doors that ensure safe, contamination-free, space-efficient transfer of carts and other large equipment into a cleanroom. The segmented, powder-coated door panels travel inside polyethylene tracks to minimize particle generation. This design eliminates door clearance requirements and optimizes valuable cleanroom floor space. A bidirectional, sealed motor and disk brake ensure smooth, precise door motion and full braking power in the event of a power failure or other emergency. The electronic key switch includes an interlock that prevents cross contamination, a safety circuit that stops door motion if the path is obstructed, and an emergency security feature that allows an operator on either side to close and lock both doors. Available in a variety of sizes, options include HEPA air shower isolated inside the control unit above the access doors, which dislodges and removes particles before entering the cleanroom.

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