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December 2013
Volume: 10 Number: 12
Articles: 13

Sample of Daily Progress Note
Sample of Electronic Daily Handoff
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Here's to Our Support System!
pg. 2
Chemotherapy Dosing in Obese Patients
pg. 6
Operating and Maintaining Primary Engineering Controls
pg. 22
Maximize the Potential of ADCs
pg. 26
Ready-to-Use IV Products
pg. 28
Automated Medication Preparation for Chemotherapy
pg. 30
Unit Dose Market Watch
pg. 32
Improve Patient Care with Standardized Clinical Monitoring
pg. 36
Regulatory Inspections
pg. 38
New & Noteworthy
pg. 44
Bar Coded Unit Dose Packaging
New & Noteworthy

Pharm-Q ITH from Envision Telepharmacy now has an integrated bar code medication preparation check functionality. Pharm-Q ITH is a fully functional, Web-based, ... read more

Garb and disposables dispensers from Terra Universal help keep cleanrooms tidy and organized. The dispensers save space and allow for convenient distribution ... read more

IsoTech Design, a company specializing in the design and manufacturing of clean air solutions including the MicroSphere CAI, ChemoSphere CACI, CleanSphere ... read more

The new 3905 1 CFM portable particle counter from Kanomax offers simultaneous measurements of six particle sizes. Using the optional environmental probe, ... read more

Guaranteed Returns provides pharmacies with inventory management services, including pharmaceutical returns, that help optimize obsolete, damaged, and ... read more

MedsTracker from First Databank is a medication reconciliation software solution that integrates with an institution\'s current CPOE and pharmacy/eMAR ... read more

MedRover from Swisslog is a fully integrated mobile dispensing cabinet that provides a closed-loop medication administration system to help eliminate administration ... read more

Hamilton Sorter now offers a mobile sorter unit as part of its modularCaseworks pharmacy collection. The table on wheels transports document binders and ... read more

RxScan announces the release of its NDC Translator Mobile for Windows Mobile 6.1 devices. Users can scan medication NDC bar codes directly into applications ... read more

Kirby Lester\'s new FillSafe security system provides an additional level of safety during medication replenishment on Kirby Lester\'s KL60 and KL100 outpatient ... read more

Stewart Systems introduces RxStor, a pharmacy shelving system that helps pharmacies with stationary shelves become more efficient and organized by condensing ... read more

Akro-Mils introduces its ShelfMax8 storage bins, designed for shelving systems and vertical carousel automated storage retrieval systems. The 8-inch high, ... read more

EPS COLD-SAFE Storage Boxes allow medications with special temperature requirements to be kept under keyed security in an unlocked refrigerator. The storage ... read more

ISO-MED offers its Sterile Chemo Prep Mats in two different sizes to protect work surfaces from contamination and help control spills during IV and chemotherapy ... read more

E-Control Systems announces the latest revision of the FusionLive software with Application Programming Interface (API). The secure program ensures that ... read more

The HMT140 wireless logger from Vaisala monitors compliant storage and production environments and connects easily to a user\'s existing WiFi network. ... read more

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