March 2013

New & Noteworthy

Analytics Software for ADCs

Pandora analytics from Omnicell is a vendor-neutral application that provides pharmacists and nurse managers visibility into medication and supply ADCs,... Read more

Contract Pharmacy

The AutoSplit Contract Pharmacy from Talyst is a program that allows covered entities to benefit from hospital scripts dispensed at retail pharmacies.... Read more

Imprinted Shrink Bands

ShrinkSafe Bands from Medi-Dose/EPS now include five new sizes and are imprinted with the warning \"SEALED FOR YOUR PROTECTION\". The bands are designed... Read more

Infusion Dashboard

The Alaris Infusion Viewer for Pharmacy Logistics from CareFusion is a web-based dashboard that provides near real-time status of all infusions using the... Read more

Protonix IV for Injection

Protonix IV for Injection (pantoprazole sodium for injection)—part of Pfizer\'s portfolio of injectable solutions—is available in packs of... Read more

Slatwall Panels

Hamilton Sorter modularCaseworks introduces slatwall panels to its line of modular casework for the outpatient pharmacy. The wood laminate slatwall panels... Read more

Sterile Saturated Wipes

VAI offers sterile wipes for deactivation of most hazardous drugs from BSCs and isolators in an ISO 5 work area. Veltek\'s HYPO-CHLOR 5.25% sterile saturated... Read more

Topical Anesthesia Kit

LETS KIT from Fagron is a solution of lidocaine, epinephrine, tetracaine, and sodium metabisulfite, and provides rapid topical anesthesia without the use... Read more

Upgrade to Temperature Monitoring Services

CAS DataLoggers and T&D announce a new upgrade to T&D wireless dataloggers, adding read-only permission to the WebStorage service allowing an administrator... Read more

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