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January 2014
Volume: 11 Number: 1
Articles: 7

pg. 3
Promoting Endurance as Well as Ingenuity
pg. 4
Increase OR Safety with Automated Inventory and Labeling
pg. 7
Unit Dose Market Watch
pg. 10
Implementing a Facility-wide WTM System
pg. 14
Safe Management Strategies for Hazardous Drugs
pg. 26
Special PP&P Buyers Guide: Cleanroom Cleaning Products
pg. 32
New & Noteworthy
New & Noteworthy

The Clinical Assistant Power System (CAPS) from Scott-Clark Medical is a new power system for medication dispensing carts that eliminates many of the complications ... read more

LDT Health Solutions, a medication safety and quality management firm specializing in controlled process and quality management strategies for the pharmacy ... read more

Terra Universal\'s SmartDesiccator is an easy access, low-humidity storage system that allows the user to program a low percent relative humidity set point ... read more

Q.I. Medical releases the TuffTest 2, a unique microbial contamination tester for use in validating admixtures containing suspensions and emulsions. Each ... read more

The Savvy mobile medication workstation from Omnicell now on Microsoft Windows 7 wirelessly links in real time to automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs). ... read more

Cactus offers the Smart Sink, an innovative, green solution for pharmaceutical waste disposal. The system renders unused pharmaceuticals acutely unrecoverable, ... read more

The space-saving Pass Through Cabinet from Health Care Logistics organizes individual prescriptions onto shelves to help streamline filling, minimize confusion, ... read more

SoftWriters announces the launch of FrameworkBI (Business Intelligence), the newest product in its FrameworkLTC pharmacy management software solution set. ... read more

Swisslog announces the release of TL2013, the latest control software for TransLogic Pneumatic Tube Systems. The software is available for new users or ... read more

AmericanPharma Technologies announces PharmaWatch, a solution for continuously and automatically monitoring temperature, humidity, air pressure, and other ... read more

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