October 2015

New & Noteworthy

Air Testing Services

Champion Air Testing is committed to helping facilities keep up-to-date with USP <797> requirements. Services include testing and certification of... Read more

Cleanroom Dispensers

Cleanroom dispensers from S-Curve Technologies Inc keep wipers and solution bottles in one convenient location. The wipers lay flat and protected from... Read more

Cleanroom Mop

The USP <797>-compliant QuicKlean mop with MicroGenesis from Contec offers users a lightweight option for cleaning floors, walls, and ceilings, and... Read more

Closed System Drug-Transfer Device

Corvida Medical’s Halo closed system drug-transfer device (CSTD) has a strong vial attachment that provides complete fluid and vapor containment... Read more

Examination Gloves

Patented blue nitrile exam gloves by Total Pharmacy Supply contain no allergy-causing natural rubber proteins. The gloves are chemical- and puncture-resistant,... Read more

Hazardous Drug Handling Course

CriticalPoint, an industry leader in sterile compounding and customer e-learning programs, has expanded its training efforts to include a live training... Read more

High-Alert Transport Bags

EM Innovations’ reusable transport bags allow high-alert and look-alike/sound-alike medications to be segregated from other medications for safe... Read more

Kit and Tray Management Solution

Inmar presents MedEx TraySafe, a kit and tray management solution that automates replenishment and improves safety by ensuring all the contents are correctly... Read more

Medication Management System

The BD Intelliport system is a medication management solution for IV bolus injections that improves documentation and helps manage the risk of medication... Read more

Medication Safety Software

MedAccuracy’s AU MEDS observation-based medication safety software measures medication administration accuracy rates and identifies system weaknesses... Read more

Pandemic Kits

Facilities planning for pandemic outbreaks, such as influenza or Ebola, can now access PPE quickly and conveniently with prepackaged pandemic kits from... Read more

Shoe Covers

Kimtech Pure A8 Unitrax shoe covers from Kimberly-Clark Professional feature a non-skid design, seamless bottoms, wet and dry splash and particle protection,... Read more

Sterile Compounding Pharmacy Services

QuVa Pharma Inc, a newly formed, national platform for sterile compounding pharmacy services, announces it has completed the acquisition of a manufacturing... Read more

Temperature Monitoring System

The FreshLoc temperature monitoring system has been upgraded with an interactive local display, is available in two sizes, and allows administrators to... Read more

Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

PharmaWatch introduces the Plug-and-Play sensor, a product and a service, designed to continuously and wirelessly monitor storage temperatures while the... Read more

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